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What meat can be eaten?

Meat always were and will remain the most important power supply of the person. Veal, beef , fowl or mutton - all these products contain the irreplaceable amino acids so important for maintenance of active activity of the person. Meat delivers well acquired protein and iron in our organism. Sinews and other types of connecting and muscular tissue of meat contain collagen without which our joints, vessels and skin cannot function. The qualitative meat which is correctly made for is irreplaceable for maintenance of health of children and elderly people, and also all who need the particular recovery treatment, for example, after burns, injuries or diseases.

Opponents of meat-eating often mention the high level of cholesterol which is contained in meat products. But you should not forget that to 60 percent of extractive substances and cholesterol in the course of cooking of meat are allocated in broth therefore the most useful meat is boiled. Each person himself chooses whether there is a meat or to adhere to a vegetarian way of life, however it is worth remembering that it is easier to provide an organism with the balanced food nevertheless, including meat in a diet. It is not recommended to exclude meat from a diet of children and teenagers extremely.

Today we have an opportunity to buy the meat both cooled, and frozen. Let`s talk about how not to make the wrong choice and to acquire really qualitative production.

How to choose the correct meat?

the Main criterion at the choice of meat is its freshness. Stale meat not only will not bring the expected benefit, but also will subject your organism to serious danger. So, qualitative has to have the cooled meat:

1. color, characteristic of this type of meat (veal usually rozovato - gray color, mutton - it is red - brown, beef has accurately expressed red color);

2. a thin crust faintly - red color ;

3. a dense consistence (when pressing by a finger the pole is quickly leveled);

4. a fresh smell without foreign shades ;

5. fat light (cream or white) colors.

Surfaces of cuts of good-quality of the frozen meat have red color with a gray shade which is formed by the smallest crystals of ice. The frozen meat has to be firm to the touch, and at percussion to make an accurate sound. Melted (for example, when pressing by a finger) the part of a piece of meat has to have brightly - red color.

What meat is it is impossible?

Despite some features of ethnic cuisine in the different countries, crude meat and the meat which underwent insufficient heat treatment is it is impossible.

If appearance or a smell of the cooled meat raises at you doubts in its freshness, we also do not recommend to eat it. This criterion simply and reliably will help to keep to you health.

With the frozen meat the situation is more difficult. Quality of the frozen meat completely depends on a freezing and observance of rules of temperature condition of storage. Meat is not recommended to be stored it is long even in the frozen look. The transported meat often is exposed to a defrosting that negatively is reflected in quality of a product: meat turns in empty filler a stomach, losing all useful properties. Besides, it is necessary to be sure that meat was frozen soon after a cattle face, decomposition process did not begin yet. Unfortunately, today degree of quality of meat is often illegally overestimated, and on the Russian counters the defrozen or repeatedly frozen meat of animals in whose cultivation hormones of growth were used and which did not differ in good health during lifetime gets. whether

Can secure in any way itself in this situation?

to protect itself from unfair producers, be attentive. Read all stickers and labels on packing of a product. A quality guarantee of meat are certificates of conformity to various requirements (GOST, a sanepidemstantion and other). Pay attention to color and a smell of a product, do not hesitate to ask questions to sellers.

High quality of kosher meat production

Is interesting that at a big variety of the choice and modern technologies in production of food, more and more people prefer to buy the kosher products prepared by ancient Jewish traditions today. These traditions sustained check time. They forbid addition in meat production of doubtful substances which so are rich modern food. Kosher meat cannot contain harmful food additives E and genno - the modified organisms. The pair or cooled organic kosher meat contains the maximum quantity of the mineral substances and vitamins necessary for daily functioning of our organism.

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