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It is a little sun in cloudy day? Quartz pass - a sunbed of

Oh as there is not enough sun in our latitudes! Climate such is that in Moscow, for example, only 90 days in a year solar, and the others 270 - we do not see the sun practically at all. Statistics!

Therefore salutary vivifying beams for our kind health it appears obviously a little. And at the same time citizen ó spends lshy part of the life in stuffy walls at home or office - and such life at all its conveniences and advantages is not useful at all as it catastrophically deprives of the person of the ultraviolet, necessary for good health.

To sunbathe it turns out disappointingly seldom. Someone manages to compensate shortage of the sun by trips to the sea, but also it, by and large, it is not enough. Fall - winter - spring in Russia well ochchen long

A as a result - lowered a vitality, the chronic fatigue exasperates, cold pursues, activity of the central nervous system and a metabolism is broken, there can be an anemia, the bone tissue weakens, teeth collapse, the human body loses resilience to the most any infections.

How to strengthen an organism in autumn and winter time most hazardous to health?

The checked assistants in this case - quartz lamps and irradiators, house doctors, convenient, compact, effective and inexpensive. They are used by

- for disinfection of rooms (that is especially actual for families with small children);

- for warming up of an ear - a throat - a nose;

- for suntan and influence by ultraviolet rays on sick bodies.

The most optimal and safe variant for disinfecting of rooms - an ultra-violet bactericidal irradiator. The quartz lamp is hidden in a flask through which air therefore the device can work in the presence of people and animals is banished. About 30 m 3 are in such a way processed , it is successful option for the usual apartment, besides the device with success is used as the lamp.

Portable small-sized irradiator Crystal it is irreplaceable for high-quality effective quartz treatment. It will destroy pathogenic microbes in air and on a surface of objects. But the lamp is open therefore disinfecting can be carried out only in that room where there is nobody. The device is convenient that it is easy to transfer it from the room to the room as required. And if to replace a bactericidal lamp with a usual bulb of an incandescence, then the design vpolnemozht to be used as the ordinary nice illuminant.

By means of the quartz lamp which already won zaluzhenny popularity Sun it is also possible to disinfect air indoors in absence of people. But its main mission - treatment inflammatory the ENT specialist - diseases (quinsy, otitis, rhinitis, etc.) by means of individual removable tubes and use as a soothing resolvent. The salutary range of a lamp productively influences an integument (for example, helps to get rid of juvenile spots), problem joints, peripheral nervous and muscular systems.

Stylish pass - sunbeds have invariable success. Suntanned beautiful skin without doubts is perceived as a sure sign of health, a symbol of youth and success today.

Each session in house conditions will supply you with the necessary portion of an ultraviolet. Under its influence in an organism improves fosforno - a calcic exchange, vitamin D and so-called hormone of pleasure and happiness - endorphin is produced. It revitalizes an organism in general: makes active immune system, improves blood circulation, strengthens bones and muscles, increases intellectual and physical working capacity.

It is necessary to remember only surely need of protection of eyes special glasses.

When gloomy rainy days cast melancholy and despondency, provoke colds, a SARS, ORZ, quinsies and other illnesses, it is enough to include houses for a while small sun - and life will be adjusted!