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How it is possible to solve a problem of preparation of qualified personnel?

an education Subject in Russia are the most resonant today. So, for example, at a meeting of industrialists with the President of Russia of one of the main subjects of discussion there was an education of technical specialists.

The problem of technical shots (engineers and experts) is particularly acute at today`s enterprises enough. And it is not surprising, by estimates from 200 thousand graduates of technical colleges only a third goes to work in the specialty. Besides - heads of the enterprises note the low level of training. Certainly, it affects industrial production where not diplomas, and professionals are necessary.

During discussion of this situation different opinions were expressed. Beginning from the offer to close faculties of non-core specialties in technical colleges (the economist, the lawyer, PR and so forth) and finishing with transfer of these higher education institutions on the status of technical training college.

However, anyway, but change of the status of institute is not capable to solve a problem of unpreparedness of shots completely. Therefore, it is necessary to change something else. Something else was offered by businessmen in the form of creation of the centers for training of engineers for various productions.

Certainly, in the field of training of technical specialists there are weak places. But in what this weak place? That in higher education institutions there are other specialties? That there are no special centers for training from plants? Or in something else?

For a start it makes sense to look whether technical education is the only area in which there are problems with quality of training? And if we honestly look around, then we will find out that we are not present, is not. Whether it be the area of sales, marketing, design, management and or PR, in each of these areas is observed deficiency of competent shots. Actually in any specialty there is the technology. There is a technology of the conclusion of transactions, there is a technology of carrying out PR - campaign, there is a technology of carrying out market research.

Also it turns out that a problem not in technical colleges. There is no important element in preparation of these shots. In other words - in training. And the main missed link in training is an absence of AS the technology to study.

In other words, you try to teach the person as to do something while he is not able to study (even if wants). It is similar to training in run of the person who cannot stand on the feet. To run, he should at first be able to stand on feet. It is necessary, isn`t that so? And so to learn a subject, it should be able to study.

And that means to be able to study ? It is rather simple to understand it if we look at result which is necessary to us. When we train the expert in some area, we want that he understood what he studies. As showed researches which were conducted by L. Ron Hubbard in the middle of the XX century, the basic an obstacle in a way to understanding of material misunderstood words - words which the person did not misunderstand or misunderstood

The researches conducted by Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization " are; Applied formation of the CIS show that the problem of misunderstanding of words which people use in the work is very actual also for Russia. And it occurs not only at students or technical specialists, but also at teachers and teachers.

To gain an impression - about what there is a speech, I suggest to make small experiment: squeeze the last word in the following phrases nails hammer some tea was given by century. the ropac can be met where . . And so the ropac can be seen only where it is cold, it is the separate ice floe standing vertically among rather plain surface of ice. But if you did not know value of this word, then it was difficult to you to finish the phrase, without having looked at value of this word in the explanatory dictionary.

And now present that similar misunderstood words occur among the main actions and objects with which the person should work! You do not trust? And you ask. Cases when the teacher of physics on the question " are known to me; What is physics began to speak: Well as if to tell you so that it is simpler to explain. Probably, I will begin with the fact that initially... . And this understanding of a subject? Throw! If the person understands that this or that word means, then he will be able to explain it even to the child. Be it the hammer or the jet engine.

And matter is not that this expert - bad person. There are no silly trained. Is trained which did not understand several words, and after that cannot perceive material any more.

To cope with similar problems in training and preparation, the famous writer and the educator L. Ron Hubbard developed Technology of training. It is valid technology of how to study something and to be capable to apply it. In it it is described how to distinguish various difficulties which the student meets how to cope with these difficulties and how to study with full understanding of the studied material, to be capable to apply it in life. All this can be found in this technology.

To acquaint with this technology of people who need it the group of teachers in 1972 created Applied education . Today Applied education - it is the organization with an extensive network which representations can be met in 67 countries.

One of such organizations where any person can study Technology of training and, applying it in life, to increase the skills and abilities, Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization " is; Applied formation of the CIS .

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the Problem of education is obvious to

, the decision exists, so, things are easy - to introduce this decision. By the way, in a number of the countries (including Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, Mexico) the offered technique already is obligatory for use at schools.

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