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Crisis in medicine.

In RUSSIA EVERY THIRD DIAGNOSIS is INCORRECT. In Russia not less than 50 thousand people a year die as a result of rendering low-quality medical care to them, become disabled people even more - such data are provided by national League of protection of patients.

The chief pulmonologist of the country academician Alexander Chuchalin declared in 2006 that practically every third diagnosis is made by domestic doctors incorrectly . Since then the little changed. Sociological poll Levada - the center, carried out in 2009, showed that 60% of Russians are dissatisfied with the level of medical care.

Are that results of research of estimates of quality and availability of medical care which was conducted by Roszdravnadzor in 2008.

became clear to the medicine that she endures crisis. Its essence not so much in insufficient financing of medicine, a lack of modern devices and dosage forms in hospitals, how many in the approach to health and diseases. The medicine is not engaged in health at all, it is engaged in diseases. Lack of the harmonous theory of health led to loss of the fundamental principles of applied medicine: to treatment not of consequences, and reason, not an illness, and sick, individual approach, preventive orientation. Unless the situation when at deterioration in sight, for example, on the left eye, not all organism, but this eye is treated (the main thing the best eye drops) or when at chronic pathology of skin skin is treated, but not all organism (the main thing the best ointments) is not tragic or when the venerable cardiologist fights against cholesterol instead of putting in order all exchange processes in an organism which small part is violation of a cholesteric exchange or when the venerable gastroenterologist for years struggles with dysbacteriosis instead of finding and removing at the level of all organism the cause of the abnormal environment in intestines, having automatically eliminated with that dysbacteriosis... And situation with healing? From - for problems with registration when the possibility of certification of the expert of alternative medicine is officially declared, and actually even certifying commissions were dismissed and the real healers had no opportunity to work normally legally. The healer - the biopower engineering specialist whom I well know, been born with gift to treat, went abroad where he treats now officially people, quietly works, pays taxes and enjoys wide popularity.

Due to the unclear situation in Russia appeared a great number of charlatans who used it. And among doctors, there are not less charlatans now, than among healers. I want to repeat words of the doctor of medical sciences, professor conducting the psychiatrist - the criminalist, in the past of the head of the Center of special psychophysiological researches of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Mikhail VINOGRADOV who worked in this center more than 40 years, during the press - conferences answered the following question:

Svetlana, Moscow: In the life I had to meet the person who cured not only me, and remotely, but also many others! Why the orthodox medicine officially does not recognize existence of such opportunities at certain people?

Traditional medicine is recognized around the world long ago. Orthodoxes exist not only in medicine, but also in many branches of science. We have extremely harmful commission on fight against a pseudo science. She reminds me sacred inquisition. In one of telecasts I had to discuss with such fighter against a pseudo science, and I, besides, come back to Giordano Bruno who was burned on a fire, I remember genetics which our science did not recognize for many years, Vavilov who stayed in camps for the scientific views, cybernetics which was called the selling maid of imperialism. Therefore I call more loyally and with understanding to treat all researches in those areas about which people only heard because the future everything - behind science, including behind extrasensory perception. to Trust

to magicians, to sorcerers, to academicians of supermagic academies does not follow. As it is not necessary to trust also the doctors diplomaed and even ostepenenny, and it is necessary to check abilities and doctors too. Among, unfortunately, all specialties there are a lot of so-called werewolves let`s use this vulgar word. Bribes take judges, prosecutors, doctors provide unfair medical care. This universal phenomenon. Among priests there are pedophiles, libertines. In Catholic church and in orthodox there is a lot of already trials against attendants who abuse the situation.

Today there are a lot of people who are blindly trusting doctors who one beautifully formulated their diagnoses, but they are not treated in any way, other patients rejoice not to the fact that they were made healthy, and to that by it something cut off and not where - nibud, and in prestigious clinic, the third, learned, at last, after expensive supertests for what at them are an allergy, but continuing to live with it, the fourth, rejoicing together with the doctor to emergence of new skin ointment, but continuing to be ill the skin disease and to wait for new ointment... others, the doctors coming to the healer to reception and bringing the sick children, powerless and disappointed in medicine because including children it is harder and harder, heavy patients with an array of problems, and they cannot help them in any way. Very few people know that from 30 thousand diseases known today, 25 thousand are considered as incurable.

Speaking about frequent insolvency of medicine, I, of course, do not mean that its part which is engaged in the emergency rescue of people or surgical intervention according to the vital indications collecting literally on pieces of victims in case of accidents. Honor to them and glory.