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What needs to be understood to become the successful manager?

Management science business - management - take the important place in life of our civilization. Thousands of books on this subject are written and published. The desirablest profession for the American school student is the profession business - the consultant. Against such wellbeing there were unnoticed two events.

First. Professor Ch. Hendi, one of recognized world experts in the field of management, the author of books and articles, more than two decades training students to management science, refused to conduct teaching activity.

At that time I thought, that management science, it should learn only, he wrote, can solve all our problems. Now, 25 years later, I am surprised that I once believed in existence of the universal theory of management only waiting until we open its secrets the persistent researches. Now I know that we need the people who are already possessing qualities which cannot be taught .

The second. Kenneth Blanshar and Spencer Johnson`s book One-minute manager within a year was in the list of best-sellers. The book of a pocket format including only three simple psychological councils for the whole year removed recognized authorities for supporting parts. The skilled and beginning heads, large and small businessmen preferred this book to hundreds of textbooks and thousands of analytical collections. Not for nothing one known top - the manager told that the best books on management are biographies of the famous people. People are not ready to reconcile to loss of hope that will sometime learn to operate life.

Collision with the unknown causes fear, confusion and confusion; instantly there is a desire to cope with a painful condition of uncertainty. Basic rule: any explanation is better than its absence. So, on search of the reason pushes fear. Question why? it is set not out of idle curiosity, and for the sake of obtaining a certain answer which calms and gives relief . (Nietzsche.)

We feel discomfort if we do not control a situation. Therefore recognition of uncertainty as a constant factor is for many unpleasant news.

Present that it is necessary to reach some place. While I stand still and I plan, I see ahead the road, obstacles, I reflect how it is better to overcome them. This linear state. But only I take a step as all district begins to change. There is a set of unforeseen and unexpected obstacles. The wood can grow, and the road to leave aside. Some changes become obstacles, and others, on the contrary, promote advance to the purpose. Sometimes it is necessary to quicken the pace or to run very fast, and sometimes it is necessary to wait.

Some changes happen gradually, and it is possible to be prepared for them, and some come suddenly, and then it is necessary only to get out of the arisen situation. Each step opens new, unplanned in a linear state, changes. It is a quantum state. From a set of options the choice of the most optimum at this conjuncture, jump, without programming.

Losers all life hope that for them the smooth road will be established, and successful is the one who begins to perceive unpredictability of the environment as a rule and an integral part of its work. He begins to live in it and to derive pleasure.

One of professors who wrote several books on management claimed that management business - processes is a science in any way to finish business.

A main in this science is ability to adapt to impossibility of achievement of an under control ideal.

Well, well, the pragmatic person will tell, I understood how the intuition works. Now tell me what on Monday since morning I have to do to use the boundless opportunities.

Really, any knowledge has to have practical value. Therefore let`s pass to the main technology.

1. Choose the purpose, develop the plan and begin to realize it.

Any plan which is resolutely put into practice is better than inaction .

2. Act, use the appearing opportunities.

Do that you can, what you have where you are .

3. When you will play enough, you enter a condition of superposition.

Passivity, but not activity, easing, but not tension, forget a sense of responsibility, refuse the power over yourself, control over events, provide to the highest forces care of your destiny, be absolutely indifferent to where it will bring, and you will find not only a peace of mind, but also those vital benefits which as you sincerely thought, you refused .

you are here and now.

If you wash a cup - wash a cup .

4. Jump into a new orbit.

in case of the correct execution of the previous point will be found new circumstances, there will be new meetings, or the inspiration and new understanding of a situation can come. All this will help to solve a former problem and to make right and exact acts, proceeding from the new level of understanding. There will be a quantum jump from a former orbit on new. And now, already in new conditions, it is possible to use linear tools again.