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Book: need of reading


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

the Book - reading

C one person Begins to read the standing book - finishes another.

and Reading the written-down thoughts of great people - like communication with them. p to Read to

books, without reflecting - empty occupation. p Good people read to

kind books and become even better,

at bad - all on the contrary.

and If in the book watches nonsense, nothing clever she there not

will see. p Other book which is not read in due time - can cost

considerable losses, and even cancelled happiness.

p From historical and political books is better to read those which were forbidden.

p Reading of the weakest book, nevertheless is better than communication with a great number of ignoramuses who filled our life.

and the Fool is not capable to publish the book. d Each read good book changes

human life to the best.

p In the book should see more, than in it it is written.

p When reading should be read not only words, but also think of it accompanying.

to the Read book is the next step upon transition from zhi -

wadded to the person. d Having read to

the necessary book, the person rises by a step above.

to Reading - cure for grief.

p Is dead the reading composed only in memory - read has to pass through soul, be processed by reason, will connect and to modify already available knowledge relating to it.

yu to drive away the notions of compulsion - read strangers. yu People do not read to

the book - because they have many problems, and there are a lot of problems - because they did not read the book.


to the Book - the guide.

to the Book - the teacher.

p the Book - the friend, the teacher, the interlocutor, the adviser

and the Book - the address to all mankind.

and the Book - figurative storage of the stiffened thoughts.

to the Book - a past mirror.

p the Book - mother of wisdom.

and Not all people guess to use the book,

are able to find necessary, possess ability to realize an infor -

a mation, in it put.

p Without books the house - the orphan.

pv the Task of the person - to palm off on nasty people useful, Dob -

ry books, and good - not to prevent to read them.

p Some people, getting out of skin, spending a great lot of time and -

of not, communicate with clever, interesting people, at the same time to the prena -

bregy communication through books with truly great.

and the Best reader that which understands more, than a napisa -

but in the book.

and Togo about whom are written by books - remember not less, than writers.

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and Through the diploma opening information of people receives the lion`s share of knowledge.

and Thanks to the letter appeared a possibility of transfer of thought to

space and in time.

and Library - the gold deposit, the reader - is old -

a tel, the necessary books - nuggets.

to Library - treasure.

p Formation of family library should be begun not about a harm -

zhestvenny, and with special literature. And first of all

on medicine, law and psychology.

and the bad book will not be taken away.

and the Picturized book - a masterpiece.

and to recover the book - it is only enough to be opened.

and the Book - brisk paper.

and the Book - cure for loneliness.

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you can find fuller information in Anatoly Len`s book Guide (1536 pages) and draft copies for The Guide - 2 .

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