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How not to buy a pig in a poke at the choice of English courses?

Each of us constantly shop. In spite of the fact that in shop of the shelf are literally broken off from abundance of goods of various trademarks, usually we buy the goods which are already checked by us.

Before buying new goods, we ask questions to the consultant in the beginning, we read responses and if there is opportunity, we watch goods in operation. As they say: A picture is worth a thousand words . The opinion of other buyers, consultants, friends, of course, helps us at the choice of this or that product, but it does not guarantee that we will like goods. Until ourselves try something, we will not be able to define, we will suit it or not. For example, someone likes ordinary mobile phones, and to someone smartphones (phones with an operating system) since they are more functional, but it is more difficult in use.

But, unfortunately, not all goods it is possible to look in operation before purchase. And very often happens that, having bought something and having used it certain time, we understand that we in vain spent money. And it is possible to return goods and to receive money back only in isolated cases, and that not at once.

In case of English language courses we can observe a similar situation. Now a large number of various English courses is presented at the market. At the same time the prices of courses strongly vary. One courses ask 10 t. rubles, others ask 40 t. river. But despite it to pay it is unknown for what nobody wants. At best people begin to watch reviews of these courses. And here the person, reading responses and comparing other information, pays in hope for worthy, high-quality service. And at best he receives it.

But happens and so that in the course of training of people understands that these courses do not suit it. Naturally, he wants to return money for occupations which he was not disaccustomed yet. And here people meet great difficulties. At best return it money, having frayed nerves. In the worst money will never return As a result of people loses not only money and time, but also desire to learn English.

Whether it is possible to secure itself against it? Of course, it is possible.

On many English language courses there are free fact-finding lessons. The purpose of these lessons - demonstration of occupations and a technique of training on which the course is based. At such lessons of people not only learns about a course, but also itself participates in occupation. Remember purchase of the mobile phone. You want to look at it alive, to touch it before to buy? At free lessons there is a similar situation. You look at process of rendering service and define whether these courses, a technique etc. suit you. If everything suits you, then you with quiet soul can pay a course and begin training.

Unfortunately, not all courses conduct similar lessons. If you choose English courses, I advise you in the beginning to visit free fact-finding lessons of those courses which offer them. It is better to find a little time for visit of such lessons, than then to be sorry about the choice of inefficient courses.

We, English as a Second Language, maintain quality of our services at the high level and we are not afraid to show it. We respect the client and his choice.

I invite all who want to learn to think and to speak freely English, on a free fact-finding lesson!

Employee of the center of Applied formation of the CIS

Alexey Hasbiulin.