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Whether it is possible to earn from oxygen?

Well, here you will tell: How it to earn from oxygen and who will buy air? Mandelstam wrote

: We in each sigh drink mortal air... But, most likely, it we, residents of modern megalopolises, suffer from oxygen starvation.

If to offer citizens a breath of fresh air, made foam or with pleasant aromas, it is possible to earn from 2 to 15 thousand dollars a year. Devices with the earphone - the " spray; appeared in Russia recently, and emergence of oxygen bars in general a novelty. Though oxygen cocktails still in 70 - e could be tried years in the Soviet dispensaries and sanatoria. To Remove oxygen as a product out of limits of medical institutions the invention of the mobile equipment helped. To Feed the people oxygen, at least, it is possible in two ways: the first - production of oxygen cocktails, the second - creation of oxygen bar.

Initial costs of creation of such bars are rather low - from 12 to 20 thousand dollars. The essential share of expenses is the share of a tenancy. The system of bar consists of two main components: the generator of oxygen and station with replaceable aromatic capsules. The concentrator, passing air through a molecular sieve, separates pure oxygen. In a capsule it is sated with aromas and through hedst (earphone) gets to the consumer to full on the nose.

I want to tell about one very important fact - certificates for start are not necessary : government bodies certified oxygen installations as usual household appliances.

The main person in the oxygen bar is oksidzhy . Its task - to communicate with clients and to organize oxygen " sessions;: to combine aromas, to create the correct bouquet, proceeding from a state and age of the client.

Oxygen cocktail - foam from oxygen or phytosolution - the product calculated on general public unlike offers of a little niche and fashionable oxygen bar. Especially well oxygen cocktail in child care facilities is on sale.

We will make approximate costs of development of bar:

1. Initial investments:

Equipment: - the oxygen concentrator (1 - 3 - piece) from 6000 to 18000 dollars.

- hedst (a font - the earphone) 25 dollars

- a sign and a rack, bar stools from 1500 to 2000 dollars.

2. A tenancy from 5000 to 8000 dollars a year.

3. A salary oksidzheya 4200dollorov in a year.

4. Expendables (an aromomasla, frother, filters) 300 dollars a year.

5. Advertizing 1000dollorov in a year.

the Income (at the price of 75 rub in 5 minutes of a session and passability of 30 people): from 15000 to 40000 dollars a year.

Well, it is so possible to earn from usual, but environmentally friendly oxygen? Good luck!