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Poli King electromop. How to turn house cleaning into pleasure?

Any hostess will not tell that cleaning in the house - her hobby. But everyday life dictates to us the terms, and in rooms it is necessary to reconcile to regular targeting of purity. Especially there is a lot of time and efforts demands mopping - a real handful for gentle female hands and waists. It how many forces and patience, water and cleaners it is necessary to spend to bring floors to a model state!

But nothing does not stand still. And even in the house, the careful hand scientifically - technical progress touched such boring occupation as cleaning. With the invention of microfiber the situation considerably changed to the best - we receive remarkable result at the minimum expense of means and ladies` forces.

A mop with a nozzle from microfiber and an electroextraction - the excellent tool for daily cleaning which succeeded bulky wooden predecessors. It is a pleasure to clean by means of such mop the house! No other mop will wash up a floor so faultlessly.

You have no mop with an electroextraction yet? Then you lagged behind life. But do not mourn, it is fixable! Glance in our Center of novelties.

Poliki electromop - the last development with unique system of an electroextraction, is just dream of hostesses!

1. With it you will give floors a high polish, even without having wetted hands and without having spoiled manicure. To wring out a nozzle from microfiber, it is only enough to you to dip a mop into a basket for an extraction and to press slightly its bottom - in 5 seconds it is possible to work. The system of an extraction works thanks to existence of the accumulator which is periodically charged from a network. One charging will last for 5 - 7 days of work of an electromop.

2. With Poliking mop you will get rid of dust even in the most remote corners. The convenient nonskid form of the handle with the changing tilt angle allows to send a mop to the right place surely. The nozzle is capable to rotate of 360 degrees - means, it is not necessary to represent from itself the yogi to reach distant back streets under a sofa. The waist has a rest!

3. The scope of such mop is not limited only to mopping. With its help, thanks to electrostatic effect, it is possible to delete quickly and qualitatively dust from walls and ceilings, qualitatively and quickly to wash windows and cars - on glass there is no stain left.

The electromop of Poliki is a tool for the real lady appreciating not only purity and comfort in the house, but also the beauty and health. It is the tool allowing to turn a tiresome and tedious task on house cleaning into fascinating process with the minimum expense of forces and time. It is necessary to live and work on the house with pleasure!