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How in the spring to carry out preparation for useful autumn preparations?

Family feast. Festive lunch. A dinner after the working day. Whatever was the occasion, on a table there will always be a place to vegetable preparations.

Many buy a pickles and preservation in supermarkets. But such purchased production is how useful? For example, pickles are, most often, a product which is delivered from the Asian countries, such as India and Vietnam, bathing in barrels with the concentrated vinegar, it is processed by the bleaching powder, spices and fragrances killing unpleasant smells and adding the attracting aromas.

Do not risk health - address the kitchen garden, having grown up on it useful preservation! Even if at preparation of preparations you add salt, vinegar, seasonings - it is it is all the same not so terrible, you use a natural product, and regulate quantity of additives.

Cucumbers can be chosen on the taste. All favourite pickles - it pass - kornishonchik only 2 - 4 cm long. Even it is difficult to buy them in the market in the summer, and in a tinned look such kids usually are more expensive than others if at all are available on sale.

Such pass - kornishonchik as the Son of the Regiment F1, F1 Moth, Filippok of F1 , even at the tiny size represent the full-fledged, fleshy, crackling zelenets, but not an ovary, as in a case with usual grades. It is better to remove them when they are in a stage of pickles, that is 2 - 5 cm - then they are especially tasty in preservation. And it is necessary to bring together them every day, and collecting one - two-day ovaries can bring 60 - 90 cucumbers for once. In one 250 - the ml to bank is located about 120 cucumbers! Some of them can be pinned on a fork so that both ends pass - a gherkin were on extreme teeth. The surprising tiny crackling cucumbers.

There are also other cucumbers, attractive to a zasalivaniye, of which many gardeners complained more than once: received such big harvest that did not manage neither to eat, nor to distribute fruits. These are long (20 - 40 cm) and pimply, sweet cucumbers - alligators Emerald stream of F1, Beijing tasty F1 . For inhabitants of different regions there are the alligators the stability possessing different types: Chinese Disease-resistant F1, Chinese Heat-tolerant F1, Chinese Farmer F1, Chinese Frigostable F1 .

These grades are really very fruitful. For once it is possible to remove from one plant on 4 - 6 large cucumbers on 30 - 40 cm in length. Fructification at them goes generally on the main stalk, and on lateral escapes give on 1 - 2 cucumber.

On any complaints on excessive productivity there is an answer - they, despite the size, can be let on winter preparations too, cutting small kegs, cutting up and down by the size banks. Alligators it is possible to malosolit or pickle with greens, garlic, with other cultures - tomatoes, pepper, eggplants, vegetable marrows.

It is possible to do not less useful preparations of the last: favourite home-made, tasty marrow caviar without artificial additives, tinned vegetable marrows of different flowers. Almost iridescent picture: a big can with the vegetable marrows of three flowers cut by circles: white ( Masha F1 ), is sated - green ( Astoria, Karina ) and is bright - yellow (Gold`s of F1 ). Here a secret of good preparations from vegetable marrows: it is better to use dense zelenets weighing 300 - 500 g who it is a little lay too long in the field. In them there are more solids.

Another useful preparation - it is sauerkraut. All like to eat it, but not at all it turns out to prepare it. And business here not in the level of culinary skill, and in the wrong selection of a grade! Early grades of cabbage are not suitable for a fermentation in any way. It is better to grow up them for the use in the natural form, for example, in fresh summer salads. And srednepozdny grades, such as the Volley of F1 will be suitable Zosya of F1 for a fermentation, the Cook of F1, F1 Dainties, the Mother-in-law more . They are distinguished by the high content of sugar in leaves and a friable head of cabbage.

It will be interesting to fans of exotic preparations to prepare tinned water-melons. At observance of the correct agrotechnology this southern culture of very early grades of a series the Beijing pleasure of F1 can be grown up even in Moscow area. And for sweet and useful preparation it is necessary bank 3 l, 3 tablespoons of sugar and 1 tablespoon of salt, 1,5 h a spoon of acetic essence, the qualitative, cut by any forms water-melon and the loving hands.

Whatever culture you wanted to see on the winter table, you have to make preparations with own hands, it multiplies advantage of such dishes and reduces their harm in comparison with factory analogs. And it is necessary to begin already now, planting favourite vegetables and berries in the kitchen garden.

I wish you exotic harvests!

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