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Mystery shopping - what is it and what it is necessary for?

of Mystery shopping - the method of market researches assuming an assessment of quality of service by means of the experts acting as false, Mysterious Buyers . This method allows to consider work of personnel from the point of view of the consumer and in due time to take measures for improvement of quality of service. Advantage of this method - privacy and unexpectedness of check.

Mystery shopping technique which is widely used in the USA and Europe (80% of all shops, restaurants, banks regularly carry out inspections) gains steam and in our country. The retail companies realize restaurants sooner or later that more effective tool does not exist. At the minimum investments in the organization of system of the hidden checks the maximum effect in process of management of service is reached. Management checks are less effective as checking are known by sight, so, it is impossible to speak about objectivity of the received results. Already fact of introduction of the program leads to increase in percent of implementation of standards of service. The personnel understand that now quality of work is controlled constantly.

When and where there was this method? the Technology was for the first time approved by

in 1970 - x years in the USA when at removal on the market of new goods for check of work of retail networks services of specially trained imaginary buyers began to be applied.

What it is possible to estimate by means of Mystery shopping?

1. Work of dispatching service on phone.

2. Appearance and manners of personnel.

3. Skills of sales.

4. Behavior of personnel in a conflict situation.

5. Competence of sellers of knowledge of goods.

6. Observance of corporate standards of service.

7. Organization of trade space.

8. The atmosphere in a trading floor.

the Expert from outside will also estimate the external organization of an outlet - outdoor advertizing, convenience of stay, can track realization of unaccounted goods, check honesty and decency of personnel.

How the Mysterious Buyer acts? by

of Mystery shopping it is carried out by means of visit or a call of the Mysterious Buyer to the sales outlet where he comes into contact with personnel of the company under the guise of the ordinary client. By results of visit or a call the Mysterious Buyer fills in the questionnaire, as a rule. The hidden dictation conversation recording is sometimes applied. The questionnaire can be developed on the basis of standards of services / requirements / trainings which are applied in the company. The question in the questionnaire can correspond to any criterion for evaluation of work of the employee or an outlet in general, for example: Whether the employee Greeted? and so forth.

What has to be Mystery shopping?

the Main condition of success of the Mystery shopping program is an understanding a top - a menedzhement of the company of need to improve service and understanding that cannot improve service without control of its quality .

Though, of course, cannot say that only the Mystery shopping program promotes improvement and quality maintenance of customer service. Mystery Shopping is only one of instruments of improvement of service, and has to be applied in a complex with them as making control systems of service in the company.

In general, Mystery shopping - exclusively positive thing directed to improvement of the relations of all participants of service process. The employees checked by Mysterious Buyers lift the professionalism and increase cost in labor market. The company strengthens the image. And a main goal is a happy consumer.

For efficiency should adhere to such criteria as:

Communication with system of motivation: estimates of Mystery Shopping have to touch material interests of each serving worker and their heads. Otherwise on the program will not pay special attention. Results of measurement of service have to be integrated into system of compensation of the employees who are responsible for high-quality service.

Positive motivation: at modification of system of compensation and formation of image of Mystery Shopping, it is necessary to place emphasis on benefits and advantages which are got by each employee from this project always. It is necessary to emphasize a positive side of the program - not as a way to find guilty persons and to punish and as a way to reveal excellent work and to encourage.

Optimum selection: the excessive quantity of estimates means excessive expenses of the company - the customer, insufficient selection conducts to incorrect analytical conclusions (for example, about ratings of shops on quality of service or about dynamics of growth of service). The quantity of estimates pays off proceeding from staff of service personnel.

Efficiency of feedback: what quicker estimates of Mysterious Buyers become available to use, the program will give those bigger effect. Compliance of a profile of Mysterious Buyers and real clients of the company: if the assessment is done by the people far from services of this company (first-year students in expensive car showroom), then the program will not reflect real a situation with service and will not cause trust in personnel.

Rotation of Mysterious Buyers: the people visiting the enterprise as clients have to be every time new, differently their personnel quickly identifies . Systemacity and complexity: if in the company training of personnel is not provided, the salary is fixed, and standards of service find room in three offers, it does not make sense to introduce the Mystery Shopping program.

Among other criteria of success of Mystery Shopping can specify technology of concealment of identity by Mysterious Buyers (how not to give itself), an objective format of an assessment, use of tools of a validization of an assessment (an audio recording, photos, the check).

Whether all Mystery shopping is good?

the Separate problem in Mystery shopping is resistance of personnel to an assessment - mass criticism and mistrust of service personnel to quality of the estimates which are carried out by the Mysterious Buyer. Are exposed to special criticism as you understand, estimates with low points. But if high-quality service is value for introduction carriers the companies to perceive service as corporate value and the service personnel will begin to believe in its need sooner or later also. So this obstacle should not lead to refusal of use of the Mystery shopping method, it is necessary to consider councils of this article only.

Good luck to you!