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We prepare an easter table? Decoration of eggs and cottage cheese Easter of

Great day of Resurrection - Easter - a solemn and light holiday.

is Since ancient times conducted custom to present believers with Easter eggs - a symbol of origin of life. There is a set of ways of their ornament, on sale there are whole sets of paints and stickers. And all - the most valuable gift - made with own hands.

Old, but, nevertheless, the best way of coloring of Easter eggs - an onions peel. Natural and environmentally friendly dye will allow you to make so many shades how many you will wish. From light-yellow to sated bordovo - brown. Intensity of a shade depends on coloring time. The longer you cook, the color is brighter.

Can decorate Easter eggs by means of grain. For this purpose it is necessary to weld dense paste from flour: on 200 g of water take the dining room (with a hill) a flour spoon, stir and bring to boiling. As soon as weight well thickens, remove from fire and cool. Dip boiled egg into paste and roll in it in any grain. It is possible to make patterns of different grain. Very beautifully millet and corn grits looks.

If you have beautiful color napkins, with their help original jewelry will turn out. Accurately cut out pictures from napkins, apply with a brush on egg paste and paste the picture. Smooth with the brush moistened in water it on a surface. Better small drawings approach - less roughnesses turn out.

From small beads at you will turn out the real masterpiece. It is necessary to string beads on a long thread (it is possible to combine beads of different shades). Smear egg with paste and wind it with a thread with beads. Put in the warm place for drying, and in one couple of hours your work of art will be ready.

Of course, these ways of decoration of eggs will take you time and will demand patience. It is much simpler to buy ready stickers, but the holiday costs the spent efforts. Your children with pleasure will take part in preparation. And the most important - these ways the most natural, without any chemistry, glue and other attributes of the modern industry.

The integral part of a holiday table is cottage cheese Easter . I bring to your attention the simplest recipe.

For preparation of Easter you need 1 kg of the fresh, well wrung out cottage cheese, 200 g of sugar, 5 eggs, 1 glass of sour cream, 200 g of butter, on 150 g of dried apricots and raisin without stones, vanillin.

Wipe cottage cheese through a sieve and add to it sour cream and the softened oil. Pound yolks with sugar until white and enter into curds (proteins will be useful to you for decoration of Easter cakes). Cut dried apricots with small pieces and together with raisin mix with a weight, add vanillin. Very carefully to mix everything.

If you have no special form - anything terrible. Take the deepest salad bowl and lay it food wrap so that edges hanged down. Lay out curds, press down suitable oppression and put on cold. In a day cottage cheese Easter will be ready.

Lay out on a dish and decorate it with what is pleasant to you more - nuts, candied fruits or chocolate shaving.

Your family and guests will appreciate a festive dish.