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Many times heard care of an oily hair of

on the TV, read in newspapers and magazines that shampoos are very harmful. They are made thus that chemicals which there soderkhatsya get through head skin into our organism and poison it. I of course worried about it but all the same continued to use shampoos it simply, quickly and conveniently. On that to make broth or a mask time is necessary, and it catastrophically for some reason is not enough.

But all in my life turned one case I as that met one woman it looked for about 50 years both such all shustrenky and vigorous. What my surprise was when she told that to it in 80 years.

Naturally it became interesting to me as she could look good so in our chemical time (and who does not want to remain to remain as long as possible young and healthy?) the woman did not hide the secrets and willingly shared them with me. One of its secrets is that it absolutely ceased to use shampoos creams and any such products which are on sale in shops. As she is a chemist - the biologist by training it told me as all this is harmful, all these personal hygiene means not just wash us, they get into our organism doing not reparable harm. Our organism is ideal system with which it is impossible to interfere at all. And we bezkonrolno eat chemistry, hormones, we wash hormones. To many cream is added by hormones can to you cream which after several receptions did your skin of an elastic wrinkle quickly came across disappeared and so know that here did not do without hormones. But all trouble is that to hormones there is an accustoming and an organism receiving hormones from out of ceases to vyrobatavat the. And turn it very terribly and dangerously to what is unknown to what consequences can bring. People are so impregnated with chemistry that even do not decay in the earth after death any more.

After such stories I of course but gradually change not at once the way of life. Of course I refused chips and lemonades for a long time and very strictly forbade children the use of these products. But in this article I want to tell not about products, and about care of hair folk remedies. Already a few weeks I do not use shampoos at all. Also you know result to me it is pleasant. Konechto is many nuances after long use of shampoos and at first the result not really pleases but on everything time is necessary. Time is necessary that the organism got used to new and useful and the most important is necessary time to find that recipe which suits you. But if you love and appreciate yourself that you will overcome all barriers. And I will tell about the beginning of the way to rasskoshny hair.

Snachalya I hair an egg yolk also rinsed pro-hundred-soaps with infusion of herbs with vinegar addition. But result to me not really nravmlsya as it was felt that what that is not enough. Then I mixed a yolk with honey and did a mask with which went 2 hours then moistened hair with water and washed hair with the same mask then washed away this solution then of soap mustard solution (mustard is used for care of an oily hair) and as wrote above rinsed with infusion of herbs with vinegar. Konesno right after washing hair was very difficult to be combed and they seemed to me not live, but when dried it was that that. In - the first hair shone as in advertizing, in - the second I do not know what process there are by nature my hair very thin, but after such washing hair began to seem dense and strong.

Today I tried to make a mask for hair with kefir (for care of an oily hair), egg white, honey and juice of a lemon then again washed with infusion of mustard and this time made broth with an eucalyptus. I do not know what worked either kefir or juice of a lemon but the result surpassed all my expectations. Hair were not such rigid as after use just of a yolk with honey and combed hair easily. And the hair shine became just super. And still the smell of an eucalyptus joined but such smell nrpvitsya to me, to you can it will be pleasant that that other

But on it I naturally will not stop and I will look for new recipes which will suit me and my daughter. If you were not helped by my experience that do not stop at all and be not disappointed look for and you will surely find.

And finally I want to tell about the reason which pushed me to resolute actions not less than conversation with the woman 80 - ti years. In old times our ancestors attached special significance to female hair. Female hair it as antennas at the TV. They scoop energy from space and give force to us and our husbands. Yes, yes to our husbands. Thanking only to the woman the man becomes strong and brings enough production (money) to the house. And vice versa only thanks to the woman the man becomes a loser. During wars khans at first looked for the wife of the Russian prince chopped off her a braid and only then looked for the prince as believed that they in such a way deprive of the prince of force.

So lovely women care for yourself, for the body, for the hair. Give first of all joy to yourself darling, stop worries about trifles like such that someone does not as you consider correct. Relax and derive pleasure from a zhizhna and only then the world and people around will go to you to a meeting

of Good luck. Your Female website