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Whether macaroni is useful? Councils from the homeland of a favourite product of

Many pay now attention to that as as they eat, and more consciously treat the choice of products. Let`s ask a question whether such product as macaroni, is suitable for the balanced and healthy diet. Italians answer this question yes and their tightened appearance quite confirms this opinion.

Macaroni for them is a first course, and the attitude towards them corresponding, approximately as at us to soup - the normal lunch does not do without macaroni. Despite considerable consumption of pasta, Italians stay in quite good physical shape. Even for the macaroni which is growing thin in Italy consumption it is considered admissible. Moreover, the movement to a slo foot which arose too, by the way, in Italy, considers macaroni as a possible element of the menu and carries out tastings of dishes from them.

How to choose macaroni that they conformed to requirements of a healthy diet? Upon purchase pay attention to existence of the inscription from firm grades of " wheat; and, the most important, on the maintenance of proteins. On a pack usually there is a table of nutritional value. In it it is specified how many grams of proteins - fats - carbohydrates contain in 100 g of a product. The maintenance of proteins (proteins) is higher, the product is more qualitative and more tasty. Less than 11,5 g it is better not to take macaroni with the content of proteins into account at all. I advise to choose such where the squirrel contains 13 - 14 g, they have high tastes, an elastic consistence and are more acceptable for controlling the weight.

How cook macaroni in Italy? Macaroni fills up in violently boiling added some salt water, at once mixes and supports intensive boiling throughout the entire period of cooking. Macaroni does not digest at all, they have to be slightly hardish on taste that promotes, according to Italians, not only to the best tastes, but also the best assimilation an organism. Having merged water, macaroni right there sends to a frying pan with hot sauce and, without removing from fire, well mixes, and then at once gives.

Sauce is cooked in advance, as a rule, so far macaroni cooks. The main sequence of preparation of sauce such is. On a frying pan on olive oil slightly brown onions or garlic, add fragrant herbs, the main ingredients which can be fish fillet, vegetables, bacon, etc. and further if it is provided by the recipe, add tomatoes or cream. Thus, in only 10 - 15 minutes it is possible to receive a freshly cooked, appetizing and rich dish which, besides, does not contradict the principles of healthy food.

According to Italians, tastes and appearance of food are important very much in system of healthy nutrition. So, in Italy pay attention not only to quality of macaroni, but also to a form. To each type of pasta there corresponds the set of the dishes, most suitable for this type. There are some classical examples.

Spaghetti are well combined with seafood, pesto sauce, sauce carbonara, with the simple gas station consisting of olive oil, garlic and hot red pepper.

Penne (feathers) usually move with vegetables, with tuna and green peas sauce, with sauce carbonara.

It is better to prepare Talyatelle (egg noodles) with fish like a salmon or a humpback salmon in creamy sauce, with pesto sauce or with vegetables.

Tomato sauce is perfectly combined with all types of macaroni.

Or pesto you will easily find recipes of carbonara in the Internet. At the beginning it is better to adhere to compoundings, and after a while you already and will be able to make appetizing and healthy culinary compositions in the Italian style.