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What the general is in studying of English and training in playing a piano?

Ya often meet various people who learn English. Some of them learn English of 5 months, some 2 years, and other 3 years and more. Sometimes I ask them what results in English they achieved. May they speak, for example, fluently on some certain subject in English. The majority answers that if they think, then will be able correctly to make offers and to tell them. They translate all sentences in mind from Russian into English then tell them. But fluently they cannot speak in English. And, by the way, almost all from them study English for use it at work that is where colloquial skill is actively used.

In such cases I ask people: when they expect to start talking English? What the majority answers that they study only 2 years, and, in their opinion, it is not enough. But actually it not so.

I can tell with confidence that if people study English by any technique, but did not learn to speak fluently at least on certain subjects, then and in the future, being engaged by the same technique, they will not be able to speak fluently.

Why so? Answer very simple. To learn some practical skill, it is necessary to train this skill. And these techniques obviously do not mean it.

Let`s review one example. The person wants to learn to play the piano. He perfectly knows the musical theory, an arrangement of all notes on the tool and them and sounding. And here it sits down at the tool to play something. Whether it will turn out at it correctly and to play beautifully? Of course, no. The person will not get to a rhythm, his fingers will be confused and press not those keys. As a result of nothing from this it will turn out. But when trainings gradually skill of the person will increase, and he will be able to play difficult works soon. But to achieve these objectives, it is necessary to practice. No theory will give you practical skills.

It is applicable also to studying of English. If you in the course of training in English, study grammatical rules in a large number, then do not expect that in the future all of a sudden you freely start talking English. It`s not true.

At the same time it is worth understanding that a basis of any language - grammar. Indifferently will not be able correctly to learn to speak to grammatical rules of people English.

In Moscow there are courses (English as a second language) directed to teaching the person to think and to speak in English fluently . Training at courses is organized in such a way that students not only train practical skill of use of language, but also acquire grammatical rules and new words on occupations at once. It is reached because 80% of time of occupations students communicate with each other with the help of these words and grammatical rules.

This technology was developed in the Czech Republic and proved the high efficiency. Thanks to such approach to training in language our students try to obtain real achievements in English.

Become interested I invite to a free fact-finding lesson at which you will be able not only to learn in more detail about our technology, but also to feel its efficiency on myself!

Employee of the center of Applied formation of the CIS

Alexey Hasbiulin