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Questions of beginners the Internet - businessmen of

I would like to take up couple of questions which set the majority of beginners the Internet - businessmen. At once I will make a reservation, I consider information business in a format - creation of information goods and their sale on the Internet.

Many beginners ask one very popular question: I do not know about what to write or: And suddenly people will only laugh over me . I will honestly tell you, it is nonsense.

The answer to the first question to impropriety is elementary. Each of us in the life is interested in something, develops in some area, accumulates knowledge and experience in it. You, I am sure, treat their number. So what problem can arise? For example, I very much like to cook and in this area I consider myself as the experimenter. As soon as I have an opportunity, I please with the culinary masterpieces relatives. I had to hear compliments about it from the wife and friends more than once. My wife is interested in sewing and at her it turns out to create really beautiful things. So why not to share ways of their creation with the others! My sister works in beauty shop and itself is interested in everything that is connected with her work. It safely could open the blog already today and place on it unreal amount of the materials connected with beauty, rejuvenation of skin, care of hair and to that similar.

You see, just on your eyes I gave three ideas of business. Of course, everyone can have interests. Someone is interested in animals, others in sport, the third motorcycles etc. So hardly to be believed me that someone can have a problem with materials for the business. It would be desirable to note that many people as soon as learn about information business and already though somehow develop in it, begin to work in the same subject, as teacher (that from whom they learned about business on the Internet). It is wrong. Not to all it is given to learn to it. Show the imagination, be allocated not a background of others and be unique. Then, people to you to stretch.

The answer to the second question is not less simple. To laugh, people visit the comic websites. (If you want to develop in information business) to post that you will be at itself on the website (articles, useful tips, free courses, etc.) it is created by you not for laughter and at most that can happen - the person will just leave your website without having found what looked for. For this reason I also call you for uniqueness. You have to hook on the person, force it to remain with you. You need to develop own style of a presentation of material. One more example. I cannot write abstruse * in language. To me it is somehow simpler friendly, in a colloquial form to tell you about something as if you sit opposite to me. I of course do not know, there can be you sit now, read all this and laugh over me, but I am consoled by doubt in it:-).

Well and finally we will walk on everything that was found out in this record.

1. Everything that interests you in life, can be a subject of your information business.

2. Not absence of thoughts, but presence of fears can stop you.

3. People will laugh at you only in your head.

4. You have to be unique and be allocated against other authors of similar subject.

5. On the Internet a huge number of people and every day thousands of new people among whom you by all means will find the readers, listeners and the audience come to the Internet.