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Options of apartments in new buildings. How to choose?

the Housing question for many Russians remain, perhaps, to the most actual. Purchase of the apartment are the important event demanding considerable funds. Therefore approach to the choice of new housing by all means has to be well thought over and slow.

Well, and offers of apartments in new buildings and to a vtorichka now whole sea. And demand for housing only grows from year to year. And the greatest activity is noted in the markets of new buildings.

Presently projects of multiroom houses significantly differ from standards of old constructions. Progressive construction technologies and a set of new materials are applied. It is much more convenient than the apartment in new buildings also komfortabelny for accommodation. I will tell how to choose the apartment in a new building.

What there are types of modern houses? These are, first of all, panel, monolithic, and also kirpichno - monolithic houses.

Panel houses well familiar to us build from the ready panels made at plant. Therefore their construction is conducted quickly enough, is twice faster, than a construction of monolithic housing.

At construction of such houses use today three-layer panels which possess high heat-insulating characteristics. Standard projects of houses from panels have different options of planning of apartments. The most popular series of standard houses in Moscow in new buildings are P - 3M, P44T, I - 155 and S - 222.

P44T houses began to build since 1998. It is 14-16 - the floor buildings executed from the three-layer panels 300 mm thick warmed by polystyrene. The joint between plates turns out closed that provides additional thermal insulation of the house and keeps heat in apartments. A roof at the house cattle, a covering - a natural tile of BRAAS. External walls are covered with a tile under a brick .

Houses of a series I - 155 build on new buildings since 2000. These are constructions at 10-24 of the floor which have a configuration of the either the multisection, or one-access house with the monolithic first floor. It is roofed by the warmed plate and filled in with waterproofing material, flat. Thickness of face walls is 440-540 mm, front - 320-400 mm.

Panel houses of a series P - 3M of floors concede at 8-17 on the operational qualities described above a little. Thickness of their walls makes only 140-180 mm. The rooftop is flat. External walls are revetted with the decorative film having protective properties. If to choose the apartment in such house, then it will be much cheaper than the others.

The last from series of panel new buildings - With - 222. These constructions 17 floors high are built from thick multilayered panels (650 mm) in combination with arkhbetony and a brick. Interpanel seams in houses of this series are absent. External walls are revetted with a natural brick. Planning of apartments here convenient and spacious.

Kirpichno - monolithic and monolithic houses began to build at us in the country relatively recently. The technology of their construction is, at first sight, rather simple - in the prepared timbering fill in liquid concrete. The strong integral design with lack of seams turns out. Apartments in houses of such types are under construction spacious, with high, to three meters, ceilings. Each project of the monolithic building is individual therefore serially such houses do not build. The main feature of a monolith is a free planning. The apartment in general can not have partitions, and number rooms determine by quantity of windows. However repair and finishing of the apartment in a new building will demand essential expenses.

The important circumstance which should be considered at the choice of the apartment in a new building is that in modern residential buildings the first, and sometimes and the second floors usually are uninhabited and are intended for the commercial or economic purposes.

Modern apartments in new buildings significantly differ from former, constructed in the period of the Soviet Union. They are equipped with window designs from PVC. Such windows not only possess good a sound - heat-insulating properties and high durability, but also are rather cheap.

Besides, now on electric heaters in apartments put automatic temperature regulators. They maintain comfortable temperature in rooms. Now in each apartment equip an individual electroguard from two - or the four-tariff counter. Struts of cold and hot water supply supply with hydrometers, reducers and filters of deep cleaning. Some modern apartments in new buildings equip with system of compulsory ventilation which provides giving of the necessary amount of air regardless of external factors. Planning of the apartment at the same time can be any.

Thus, having chosen the apartment in a new building, its owner gets considerable advantages. However recipients of new housing are often tormented by a problem of its arrangement. Such apartments are often leased to owners in draft finishing. At the same time, purchase of the apartment in Moscow in a new building without finishing has also the advantages. In - the first, it will not be required to dismantle communications and to tear off wall-paper if something is not pleasant. In - the second, it is possible most to choose bathroom equipment and finishing materials to the taste. And, in - the third, the apartment in a new building without finishing costs 30% cheaper, than made on a turn-key basis .

Now builders who lease houses with apartments on a turn-key basis it is not enough. In such apartment level and putty walls and ceilings, floor, establish bathroom equipment, a door, etc., that is hand over it completely ready for accommodation. Today it is possible to find even such construction companies which completely will equip the apartment in a new building before delivery of the building of state commission according to your wishes. The cost of these works joins in the apartment price in advance.

By the way what apartment cost in a new building depends on? First of all, from characteristics of the house: a series and type, extent of internal finishing of apartments, quality of building, and also from the technologies and materials used at construction. Unfortunately, builders perform not all finishing works with due quality. In the acquired apartment there are cracks, uneven walls and a ceiling, bad installation of engineering systems and so forth. Therefore before its settling lawyers advise in priyemno - the transfer act obligatory to specify all noted shortcomings. Then it will be possible to make the complaint to the builder subsequently. Such right bought the apartment in a new building is granted within 5 years.

Now hardly anyone - that will refuse the apartment in the new house built on modern technology. Just it is required to find suitable option. Well, and how to choose the apartment in a new building - you already know.