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Than to damp the ardor? We choose the conditioner

Popular wisdom claims that it is better to prepare the cart in the winter. Therefore now it is a high time to take care of the conditioner. Global heat not far off.

The choice of the conditioner - the real science. Gathering behind purchase, once again count the square meters making the room. On each 30 cubic meters of space the conditioner needs one kilowatt of power.

However the room sizes - there is more to come. Count the TVs which are also installed in it, computers and other electric devices. And at the same time remember also that how many people more - less regularly here come. It is better to tell the consultant in shop about all this.

The matter is that if your conditioner is more powerful, than it is necessary, you, and at the same time and your guests, will regularly catch a cold. If you force to blow in open spaces of your apartment or office low-power kid it quickly will die without having sustained loading.

After the issue with a power will be resolved, it is possible to pass to the choice of concrete model. From all conditioners which are available on sale the most available at the price - window. More than 300 dollars for it ask extremely seldom.

But attractive low cost has also the back. For example, it is impossible to build in such unit in a double-glazed window, it is necessary to take out from a wall in the neighbourhood of the decent size a piece. In addition okonnik fairly rustles. Even the most expensive option will publish 40 - 45 decibels. Of course, not the weaver`s shop, but pleasures is not enough.

Colleague okonnik - napolnik it " mobile phone; - is twice more expensive. But in the address it is simple - it should not be mounted anywhere, just you drag with yourself on the apartment, carry on the dacha. To it the corrugated hose one and a half meter long and the slightly opened window leaf is put that there to put out a hose. But here silences " mobile phone; too does not guarantee.

If the income allows, it is worth forking up to Split - system. It is compact, effective, almost silent, and it is easy to find the place for the internal block in the apartment. The simplest conditioner of the Korean production will cost 450 dollars.

However, Koreans have some facilitated relation to admissions. Therefore fittings of the unit of Samsung or LG in the course of work move in all possible directions. And the device from time to time unexpectedly makes loud emergency sounds. So it is better for Korean conditioner to prefer Japanese. Even if and collected in Malaysia. It costs 600 dollars, but does not rustle and will serve on two - three years longer Koreans .

The conditioners capable to automatically change an operating mode after the weather changing behind a window, are more expensive than usual. But also work longer. And all because are not overstrained in vain. Such conditioner will start working more intensively, only when to the room the sun or the unexpected guest glances (heat source too). And as soon as they will disappear - again will doze off.

Modern models, as a rule, not only cool air, but also ionize, clear of dust, a smoke and even bacteria. If, of course, the owner does not forget to change the filter in time. By the way, the term of life of these filters at different producers different. For example, at LG, filters die only together with the conditioner. And at Malaysian Japanese they should be vacuumed and wiped at least once a year and time in 2 - 3 years to change. The price of filters fluctuates from 7 to 30 dollars.

Fans of rather fresh air should pay attention to models with the built-in generator of oxygen. Such is both at Panasonic, and at Mitsubishi. The price is about 1000 dollars. But it will be easier to breathe.