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Why she does not take the call?

All hi, with you Vladimir Fors, the expert in the field of creation of the relations.

All of us tried to meet eternally busy girls. They did not plan the schedule yet, they are already too busy... That simply do not take the call.

I very much like busy girls at least for one reason: they will not hang on your neck when the relations begin! And that the relations everything are began... To steam of councils and cunnings how to communicate by phone.

General rules

Paradox: they want to know accurately time and the place, but are never conducted on a dry call for purpose of a meeting! Communication by phone - it is simply excellent when you understand its main principle. She hears only your voice therefore HOW you speak, is more important than WHAT you tell.

of Cunning

1. In several hours after you took phone, surely send it SMS - a reminder - about what in communication caused in it the greatest positive. Something cheerful and easy, in " style; Why I still think the lake. . Do not forget to insert something cool instead of three points. After SMS - communication it will be easier to call!

2. Choose the correct time. At acquaintance learn in what sphere it works. But it is not necessary to ask it about when it is convenient to it to call!!

Usually office girls with pleasure belong to calls in 18 - 30 - when their working day is almost finished. It is better for party-goers to call hour in 3 days. You understand why?

3. Pay attention to the voice. Singers and speakers call it to speak from the chest " resonator;. It works and with girls - put a hand on the breast and be convinced that a voice deep and velvety.

4. Begin: I did not buy a sweater, everything from - for you! (if you got acquainted in shop when you chose a sweater) or Bought tickets for the last row. After communication with you there was a wish for romanticism!!! (if acquaintance was at cinema). It will allow to identify instantly you and again to experience emotions from acquaintance. It is not necessary to be represented, begin communication unexpectedly and interestingly!

5. Find couple of general subjects for communication in the middle of which tell: This is Volodya, you understood, huh? . Listen to compliments in the address and surely tell her something from the sphere of its professional interests. That you read on the Internet - and thought of it. For certain, she is not aware and will be glad to your awareness.

6. At the end of communication... We should find an occasion to meet - the excellent phrase for busy persons and if you made everything correctly, it will tell: No occasion is necessary, just let`s meet! . I congratulate, you at the purpose!

of the Task

can Double progress of telephone communication here is how:

1. Call on unfamiliar number and hold on in conversation of minutes 5. Offset if it was with the girl.

2. Call the new girlfriend and tell her: About you such rumors go... Include the imagination (or the searcher in social networks) - and interest is provided. Do not forget to finish conversation by the first!

3. Descend at last on training on gender psychology for adult and adequate people or register in conference all of seducing stars this Saturday that in 9 hours to hear 12 performances from trainers from around the world! Details here.