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What do we know about a Slavic pisanka?

If the custom is forgotten to paint eggs, then the monster chained nowadays will tear the bonds and will destroy life on Earth.

In a year when the pisanok is not enough, fetters of a monster weaken, and the evil extends on the world when the pisanok, a monster not movably because the love overcomes the evil " is a lot of;.

Many, seeing a pisanka, take it or for wooden painted egg, or for a krashenka by Easter. With arrival of Christianity to Russia the pisanka became an Easter egg. The skilled worker began a new cycle of the writing since pure Thursday. But a pisanka also the fact that egg crude and magic signs in an ornament distinguishes from Easter eggs, both a wax way of drawing patterns, and seen the movements in drawing. Its ornaments - sacred letters: prayers, Christmas carols, laws God`s, which not one thousand years. Once in Russia there were hranilnik who were engaged in production of charms. Pisanka - one of such charms. To it there was the same respect as now to an icon and a cross.

Were written and given by Pisanki to favourite people, children, relatives. The host under the main beehive put in the spring two pisanka that they protected bees and that year was fertile, the pisanka was dug in in the field before to plow it, the pisanka was rolled on bodies of animals when those were brought for the first time to a pasture. Girls gave to guys a scarf with pisanka and if the guy liked the girl, then it took away pisanka to itself(himself), and the scarf filled with entertainments and gifts. The women having infertility gave pisanka to children in hope that the Lord will send them the child.

Pisanka - a symbol of the world, its device, a revival symbol, a symbol of life, spring, love. And all this is expressed in patterns a pisanok. These patterns arose to Christianity when the people read the nature and stayed under its power. In the depth of centuries our ancestors celebrated a great spring holiday of awakening of the nature after a long winter dream, a good victory over the evil, light and heat over darkness.

The symbolics subject a pisanok is very deep. It is difficult to reveal her in this small article. But I think that now you will be able not to confuse a pisanka with a krashenka, and perhaps, to you will even have the luck to take this strange small egg in hands!

Illustrations - from Z. N. Ivanitskaya`s book.