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That it is better to choose: modern or classical approach to studying of language?

In spite of the fact that many people want to know English, sometimes they do not even reflect that specifically is meant it. What means to know English?

People have various purposes of use of English: career development, communication, travel etc. Each of the purposes assumes knowledge of English at various levels. This is true.

Why to the person ability is free to express the thoughts in oral speech if language is necessary to it only for the translation of documentation? Or, why the person needs profound grammar if, mostly, English is necessary to him for negotiating and participation in various seminars? At the first person under knowledge of English ability to make and read texts, at the second - ability to speak is supposed. But possession of one or two aspects of language does not do you by the person knowing English.

Possession of language is meant as possession 4 - mya by skills:




Recognition of the speech .

Unfortunately, many people at the choice of English language courses make mistakes. They register in the general programs of studying which allegedly help to learn English. But very often these programs are aimed only at the development of several skills of language proficiency. Let`s take, for example, a technique of training in English at schools. Similar techniques are often used also on various courses. There it is focused on development 2 - x skills: letter and reading.

Very small attention is paid to colloquial skill and skill of recognition of the speech. Yes, sometimes at lessons students watch movies or perform homework in the form of dialogues. And on it, perhaps, all. At such training of people will be able to learn to write and read, but he will not be able to tell and recognize the English speech. Also It should be noted that the person will have not such letter speed and fast. The person in mind will translate sentences into English, remembering as it is correct to construct them. Unfortunately, after such courses of people will not learn to think in English.

You can see efficiency of this approach, having looked at graduates of schools. From all class only some can more - speak less language. And that their most part them in parallel with school goes to tutors.

Despite similar techniques of training, people who want not only to read and write very often sign up for such courses, but also to think and to freely express the thoughts in English. And very often these people do not study up, leave courses and shelve the dream. But actually, the reason of this situation not in people.

The wrong technique of training - the reason which is the cornerstone of failure. But effective courses are!

in the Czech Republic was developed 16 years ago technology of training in English which allows the person not only to learn to read and write, but also to speak and to listen. The technique at once proved the efficiency. Our students make huge successes already in the course of training!

All the matter is that the bigger attention on occupations is paid not to written tasks which students can make houses, and to communication. On each occupation the teacher gives grammatical rules in the form of designs of offers and new words. Designs of offers - a basis of our technology. They allow to learn grammar without learning of rules .

Then students fix designs of offers and new words at once in dialogue in couples. 80% of time of occupation - communication of students among themselves in couples under supervision of the teacher. Then students change partners and again communicate on this subject.

Thanks to such approach our students learn English. Besides that they learn to read and write, they learn in to tell and recognize the English speech . Ability to listen as well as ability to speak, play a large role in studying of language, all people pronounce words a little differently. Besides thanks to such approach the barrier preventing the person to speak English collapses.

In addition, a distinctive feature of courses the fact that the student already in the course of training learns to think in English is . At the person need for drawing up the offer in Russian, and then the translation of this offer into English vanishes. He learns to make both oral, and written a predlozheniyan English at once.

I invite all become interested in our course on a free fact-finding lesson at which you will be able not only to learn in more detail about our technology, but also to feel its efficiency on myself!

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Alexey Hasbiulin