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Review of the movie Papaya (Papaya de Caraibi, 1978)

of Italian Aristide Massacesi better known under Joe D`Amato`s pseudonym, it is possible to call the classic of erotic horror safely. Or awful sensuality. It to whom as is more convenient. In both directions the director worked safely, giving himself all without the rest. It, actually, also gained popularity.

Being a servant of two misters, D`Amato did not manage to reach in each genre of inaccessible heights, throughout all the career being a good imitator and the skillful handicraftsman, but no more. The desire to introduce in the stories certain " did not allow to reach esthetic skill of Tinto Brass to it; deep meaning which Brass refused already very long ago, having concentrated on other knowledge. At the same time from the point of view of horror films and thrillers to D`Amato`s statements obviously did not get a visual expression and the intriguing plots. Therefore among recognized pillars of a genre, such as Lucio Fulci, Mario and Lamberto Bava and Dario Argento, D`Amato`s koshmarik were never quoted.

The civilization bites off everything new pieces of the virgin nature every year. On the anonymous tropical island the next corporation, trampling on interests of locals, builds necessary for them power plant. The inhabitants who got used to go to bed as soon as will switch off the Sun, and to rise with the first cock shouting, treated this invention, to put it mildly, unfriendly. Being not wild, but still badly organized, they instead of coming to barricades or to knock with helmets on local ruts (asphalt in those places somehow did not get accustomed), decide to defend the opinion otherwise.

At the head revolutionary the nice moustached Black and his girlfriend with the name Papaya, characteristic of local population, is worth of the movement. The girl is beautiful, passionate, sensual and from those to which a finger in a mouth not of luggage. Well, or not a finger if you understand, about what I. Because the hot southern woman is a bait for trustful foreigners who are ready to follow it at the end of the earth while the Papaya only wishes them fast and often painful death.

The chief project engineer Vincent (Maurice Pauly), together with the familiar journalist Sara (Sirpa Lane) are in short-term holiday therefore decide to sweep on vicinities. So to speak, to get acquainted with life of peasants and customs of natives. Both it is aware that for the last several days two engineers working in submission for Vincent were gone. One was not found (its destiny is known to the viewer according to the first film frames), the second was found, but already dead. Nevertheless, our adventurers on the fifth point, from the hospitable invitation of an artful Papaya, are going to visit the Stone holiday - the certain drinking bout connected with local cultural and religious customs and, as a rule, accompanied with human sacrifices.

By itself, walk comes to an end badly. Vincent fascinated by the Papaya absolutely loses feeling of vigilance, and his girlfriend Sara falls into hands of the Blacks embittered on capitalist exploiters

So harmonously to describe a movie plot, it is possible only having watched it to the end because up to the middle of this opus, dreadful from all points of view, in general it is hardly clear hu from hu and why these people arrive quite so, but not differently. If not periodic erotic inserts with Sirpa Lane`s participation and the Melissa Chimenti (Papaya), then even the declared 80 minutes of a picture can seem eternity. In especially sagging plot moments, I was forced to accelerate reproduction not to hang the head in sound sleep.

I am still badly familiar with D`Amato`s creativity, but I can precisely claim - this movie obviously its top is not. There is an impression that the picture was shot without scenario in general (though in credits two surnames of authors of the text appear), in the best traditions of Bollywood by which existence of any hand-written records on a shooting stage is considered bad manners. The external framework of a plot it seems is present, but in it characters move under laws of Brownian motion - chaotically and aimlessly, periodically facing with each other to blurt out a two-three of empty and hackneyed phrases.

If to consider a detective component Papayas here D`Amato failed completely. First is present at a picture though some intrigue: mysterious femme fatale, inexplicable and cruel murders. But soon creators get off in feverish nonsense, connecting the detective story with some insurgent movement consisting of several gloomy types of black guys who steal drawings and kill engineers to slow down construction hated to them power plant. It is especially amusing to hear baby talk of their leader about how he loves a motherland, does not want anything to change and does not see other ways to prove the case. The conversation with the journalist Sara given it (who will become his mistress and the assistant Papayi in inducement of tupogolovy foreigners in a trap later) happens against the poor hovels ruined by type ruts - roads and other sights happy islanders.

All right, Let it pass with the detective. What there with favourite subject of the director, that is with horrors? Same canoe. Except for an initial episode with a nibble of man`s advantage (when shootings a scene any sausage did not suffer) and walks of the main characters on desert and disturbing streets of the village and to remember - there is nothing. The version with the German postscoring came across to me hands, so efficient burghers translated the name as The Papaya - the Goddess of love of cannibals . I so understand, this heading appeared after viewing of the first three minutes of a tape because it has to other part of the movie absolutely no relation.

Of course, paid most of all attention of D`Amato to a sensuality. But also here the master could not please especially, surprise especially. From a position of today these shy lesbian kisses and caress which is held down very much look an anachronism. The author`s hand somehow uncertainly rushes about between frank clumsiness and an obvious klipmeykerstvo. Nice chief actresses that no wonder walk up and down in night-clothes, very clearly showing unpretentiousness to weather and moral foundations, coil in love merrymakings on the beach that already reminds not cinema, but erotic clips of the Penthouse or the Playboy.

Summary. Neither fish nor fowl. For the detective - it is boring, for horrors - it is ridiculous, for a sensuality - places vulgarly, places too nonprofessionally. I recommend to watch this poverty, of course, to nobody, the benefit I already spent 80 minutes of the precious life for this junk. Do not repeat my mistakes.