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What to occupy the child of the house with?

Attention and love - the most precious that parents can present to the child. Games together with children is a guarantee of good relationship. But any mother dreams that though for half an hour in the house the silence and tranquility set in. It is the simplest to include to the child animated cartoons or the computer, it is only not the best exit. But at the right time the imagination of adults is for some reason settled by

. And children do not want to play in any way. And even new toys carry away for only several minutes, and every other day they already become dusty together with the others. And all because the child needs communication. Devote it a little time, show all opportunities, then it will play.

I offer several fascinating and useful games with which it is possible to occupy the child and to release time for myself.

of Game for small

Kids very much like to play the real objects , but not toys. Put the child in kitchen, in a safe corner, and give it pans, covers, serving spoons and other harmless objects. It will be a little loud, but the kid, copying your behavior, will allow you to make a lunch.

Both kids, and children are more senior adore various caskets, boxes where it is possible to rummage in the pleasure. Get such a magic sack which in time, necessary for you, falls into hands of the child. It will give you 30 - 40 free minutes. Only for children is younger than three years collect in it objects large and safe.

The useful developing occupation - sorting of knickknacks . The child under your supervision displays buttons, pebbles, cockleshells, chestnuts, cones, cards on small groups. And you can look at an important telecast at this time or speak by phone.

Tasks from cubes will carry away the kid for some time. You make a figure, and the kid has to make same. The same can be repeated on paper. You draw simple objects from geometrical figures or you put ends which need to be connected.

Draw of a card with the image of objects : table, TV, flowers and so on. For those who learn to read write names. You ask the child to spread out cards to the corresponding objects.

All children like to play cardboard boxes . Bring one - two of the nearest shop. Your kid himself will think up as to use them.

to Children is more senior

Drawing up photo album : let will sort photos, will think up signatures to them, will draw with a number of an illustration.

Comic book : we paste in an album or a notebook of the picture of heroes, we finish drawing missing details, landscapes, we add an inscription.

Suggest to make a collage on the chosen subject of the cut-out pictures - a gift for the grandmother. Or the book - the baby with own illustrations.

Good help - magnets on the refrigerator . Give to the child various tasks - to put patterns, geometrical figures, to sort by types, to compose the fairy tale. The simple souvenir will turn the ordinary refrigerator into the magic world with the cities and the woods, ponds and overseas travel.

If you can entrust the child the camera, suggest to play director . Let will photograph the fairy tale: will build scenery, will think up a plot, will shoot separate scenes. Then together unpack, paste in the necessary order, add an inscription.

On a big sheet of paper suggest to draw the plan your apartment, the yard, a map of the city. Give to kids free rain. And school students let will transfer to paper a map, for example, of Africa or the whole world. Assidious children for hours will sit over this task. It develops a visual memory, the child will be better guided in geography. The card can be real or cheerful: with the drawn or pasted animals who live in this district, and plants.

we Make a lodge

of Options of paper hand-made articles a set. We with the son thought up to make the house of a cardboard. Of course, such large-scale projects demand your direct participation, but the child quite can independently cope with some feasible tasks.

It is possible to begin with the refrigerator. We cut out a rectangle, we put a book. On each side we paste pockets and we fill with small pictures of the products which are cut out from advertizing leaflets and magazines. By the same principle cases become. From matchboxes the nice furniture turns out: we put boxes and we paste over with paper, a back - from a leaf of a cardboard.

The child quite can independently pick up and cut out pictures, and you be engaged in affairs at this time.

Then we make walls. For this purpose we get: cardboard, paints, pencils, color paper. Paint big sheets of a cardboard with paints or paste wall-paper - color paper. Until the child is busy with finishing of walls, at you is at the disposal of 30 - 50 minutes of silence. Later we join and we help. We cut out on walls of a window and a door, we hang up pictures, curtains.

We connect walls and a floor. It is for this purpose better to make cuts or to stick together paper. As the host the child himself will place furniture, will construct missing details of an interior of Lego, will occupy inhabitants. If to arrange a lodge near the socket, it is possible to carry out lighting from a Christmas garland or a small floor lamp.

The imagination there is no limit here. Give to the child an opportunity to construct garage or the parking for cars, other rooms, a bathroom, the pool. Use the designers missing in a case with whom your child perfectly copes. If the sizes of your apartment allow, it is possible to create the whole city.

Role-playing games

Children of different age sometimes cannot agree among themselves. Everyone goes to the corner and one is played. Role-playing games will reconcile children and will teach to play together.

Family : children in turn play a role of the parent and child. This game will help parents to take a detached view of itself, children copy adults.

Hospital : we treat dolls, soft toys. The senior child plays the game, younger repeats his actions and vice versa.

Staff : the table is laid by a cover, we do additional rooms of cardboard boxes or chairs. Telecommunication, park of the cars ready to leave according to the first requirement, the commander and the subordinate - all this will help you to occupy children at several o`clock, to develop the imagination, to learn to direct and carry out orders. The commander gives instructions to the subordinate, writing down them on paper. Poisons in investigation, draws the plan of a mining of the district (room), and the subordinate according to the plan displays mines (cubes). Then the commander checks correctness of a mortgaging of shells. Drills are staged: the main task - to find the enemy (for example, the father), to neutralize him, to take prisoner and to involve in game.

Only there is one feature: children need to learn to be played. You with children build scenery, show as as it is possible to do, direct their imagination, reconcile if that was not divided. But after such instructions they will be able to play already without your presence. And, of course, game has to include establishing order. For example, the staff moves: we load handheld transceivers, vehicle fleet in the container, buildings have to become invisible to the enemy and are given to a starting position, that is to take a form of a usual table.

By the same principle play in school, theater, a taxi, the ship, the train, mail .

Get a notebook where you will write down games, and the child will put down estimates: as far as it liked this or that game. So you will know that the child was interested most of all. In the next rainy day you will open a notebook and together will choose what to play. It will be a peculiar crib. Think out together new games, and soon you will have a question more and more seldom, than to occupy the child.