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Where earth pears grow?

the spring Coming into the own marks emergence of fresh vegetable products which pleasantly diversify our daily table. A vegetable garden, as they say, already kept up. Including so nonconventional , in principle, crop as earth pear, or girasol .

This perennial plant of family of Astrov - the close relative of sunflower and an artichoke. Not incidentally he is called also Jerusalem artichoke or sunflower tuberiferous . And the land part of a plant very much resembles sunflower superficially: a stalk high (2 - 3 m), inflorescences - baskets, as at a sunflower, only much more small. Tubers are formed on underground shoots. They reach weight to 150 grams, colourings happen different - white, yellow, lilovo - violet, one-time - red. At us in Armenia, for example, grow up light-a yellow grade.

according to biologists, the girasol homeland - North America. And it got to Europe only in the 17th century. The palm belongs to French here. On one of versions, they borrowed a plant from Indians of the tribe to a tupinamb (from here and the name happened).

In the beginning the earth pear was estimated by the few. But then gradually business went. The girasol began to be used not only as foodstuff, but also as medicine: infusion of tubers on wine was recommended for treatment of heart diseases. However still the girasol nevertheless does not possess such popularity as, for example, potatoes. But, unlike second " bread; it can be eaten not only boiled, baked or stewed, but also just crude. Earth it is a pleasure to Pokhrumkat a pear.

But if who prefers culinary processing - no problem. There is a mass of recipes. For example, girasol fritters. Ingredients: 300 - 500 g of a girasol, 3 tablespoons. torments, 1 / 2 l of curdled milk (serum or buttermilk), 2 eggs, 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil, salt, soda. To rub the cleared tubers on a large grater, to add warm curdled milk, flour, eggs, vegetable oil, it is a little soda, salt. The furnace on the heated frying pan. Or Indian garnish. To clear 3 large heads of onions. From a peel in 0,5 l of the added some salt water to prepare broth. To cut a bulb rings and to fry in the minimum quantity of oil till golden color. In broth to fill up 200 g of the girasol cut by straws and 100 g planed with feathers or the young roots of horse-radish rubbed on a large grater (if roots are hardish). To add abrupt boiled water that liquid covered pan contents, to add salt, 10 - 15 peas of pepper, 2 - 3 bay leaves. To cook to readiness. To lay out the boiled vegetables on a plate, to strew with the fried onions. A garnish is given to boiled (cold or hot) or the steamed fish. Dressed with sour cream or mayonnaise, it can be used and as an independent dish.

Long ago it is proved that application of a girasol normalizes the content of sugar in blood, and in a diet of diabetics it is very useful and will not prevent all other. Especially that who is inclined to obesity. Besides the earth pear reduces the level of unnecessary cholesterol and interferes with development of atherosclerosis. Increases heavy metals resistance of an organism, radiation, regulates a metabolism, increases hemoglobin level, well affects a pancreas...

In addition, helps normalization of intestinal flora that extremely actually right now when the dysbacteriosis which is usually arising owing to general treatment by antibiotics and other chemistry rages. From crude or dried tubers it is possible to cook compote without addition of sugar and to drink it on 1 l 2 - 3 times a week. Juice is useful at polyarthritises. And, at last, most important: as well as all plants containing so-called polysaccharides, a girasol is a powerful immunomodulator.

In 1980 - e years the Armenian microbiologists tried to develop technologies of receiving from fructose girasol tubers, fructose - glucosic syrup, inulin and food alcohol. In 1987. The council of ministers of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic on the basis of these works adopted the resolution on the comprehensive program Girasol for production of sugary products, fodder protein and food ethanol. However this program was unrealized.

- The market of herbs, medical food and food additives is in process of formation so far and to get on it rather easily, - the president of the Armenian technological academy Gagik Oganyan says. - Here separate crops can be important. Same girasol, for example. He does not demand almost any leaving, grows both in highlands, and on badlands, yields big stable crops. From an earth pear by means of simple technology it is possible to receive fructose which is is more better substitute of sugar and is in great demand. The root crop can become raw materials and for receiving food alcohol (tons from one hectare), and for more than 30 names of foodstuff. Besides, green material of this culture - a high-quality forage which can be used in animal husbandry.

By the way, about alcohol. Preparing for World War II, Germany because from centner of a girasol it is possible to receive 9 - 10 liters of alcohol strenuously was engaged in cultivation of a girasol and thus still to do without malt that this process very strongly reduces the price of and simplifies. Otherwise for military needs it should start up on receiving malt for the spirit industry up to 10% of a grain yield. Germans solved this problem, having passed to a girasol.

Now to a girasol the close attention is paid in France (which, we will remind, and acquainted the Old World with Jerusalem artichoke . There already more than 10 percent of the gasoline used by motor transport replace acetone - the butanolovy mix received from a girasol. An exit of this fuel - 3000 - 5000 liters from hectare. But also at the same time and without additional expenses from the same field receive also a harvest of forages for any farm animals.

In a word, from what party you will look - one advantage. Give and we will try, and?