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Private master or beauty shop. What it is better?

Among other daily efforts of any modern woman wishing to correspond to style of the big city are always present a set of cosmetology procedures, massage, manicure, a pedicure, a make-up, laying. However to find the the master who not only knew, what is wanted by women but could help to disclose your identity, often happens very not easy.

Sometimes on searches of the hairdresser or makeup artist whose services it would be desirable to use constantly, not one year leaves. At the same time near the house there will always be a beauty shop providing all range of necessary services in one place.

As to arrive: to spend months for experiments and searches of the ideal private master or just to register in beauty shop?


One of the first factors declining us in favor of this or that option at the choice of salon or the private master is the price of services. It is necessary to understand that in the price list of any salon the price is specified taking into account taxes, rent, a salary of numerous personnel, advertizing and even an interior. By and large there are no regulated restrictions for a price price markup over prime cost.

The private master works only for himself, so, the salary and profit for him are not differentiated. Besides, as a rule, private traders work at home or with departure to the client that excludes one of the biggest articles of an expense - rent. As for expendables, now in the presence of a set of the relevant shops and the Internet - shops do not exist problems of acquisition by the individual of professional tools of leaving and even the small-sized equipment. By the way, private masters usually are able to find where is cheaper it is also unprofitable to overpay for materials to them, as well as their client.

So, answer to the question where it is more favorable? to make, for example, nail extension, it is quite obvious - in most cases at the private master.

Hygiene and purity

For beauty shops exist the sanitary standards established at the state level, however in practice observance of these requirements remains to the discretion of administration. It is obvious that it is worth relying on conscientiousness of the head of salon only at own risk. High prices and a stylish situation are not a guarantee of absolute sterility what to speak about inexpensive salons and salons the house-keeper - a class where quite often masters on the money buy tools for work and, respectively, watch their state.

It is quite natural that the private master works, being guided only by the conscience and reputation. To learn whether it disinfects the tools after each client, you will hardly be able therefore be vigilant, especially if you come to the master for the first time. whether

Quality of work

Works with

the master in salon, or at home, at all does not speak about its professionalism. Certainly, the salon has internal requirements imposed to potential employees including existence of necessary education. However, as we know, presence of the diploma in any area is not a guarantee of great skills. Besides such services as manicure, laying, vizazh demand more creativity, than equipment, and for talent of the diploma do not give.

Experience and the schedule also in many respects exerts impact on quality of work of the master. Quite naturally that the private trader working according to the personal schedule will perform work quicker and with bigger return, than the employee of beauty shop having the fixed operating time and dense record all day long.

the Matter of time

Probably, many ladies faced a problem of signing up in beauty shop to the specific pleasant master. As a rule, they work on certain days and in certain hours, and it is necessary to register to them sometimes for several weeks. And if on the developed circumstances it is necessary to cancel record, then in order that all - to get to the necessary master, it is necessary to wait for the following free and at the same time a window, convenient for you, in its schedule. It is far more convenient and simpler to agree by phone with the private trader and to postpone the planned procedures to more convenient time.

Also you should not forget about the road to salon. In big cities it is very easy to get to a stopper and to be late by the beginning of a session, and to go back home after the weakening cosmetology procedures - occupation not the most pleasant.

The matter of time, spent for the road, becomes especially actual in the wedding day. Today private wedding stylists not only come to you on the house at any time to make a hairdress and a make-up, and also to help with the general creation of an image, but also provide services of maintenance for the whole day that is very convenient at wide scope of a celebration when it is necessary to look for an appreciable length of time fresh and it is fine.

in conclusion

a trust Factor - the major factor influencing the choice of the woman. It is impossible to transfer the face, hair, a body for leaving to hands of the person of whom you are not sure. For this reason today more and more ladies think of search of the private master to which it was possible to go for treatment not one year and not to be afraid for result. Making the choice for the first time, women often ask council of girlfriends and acquaintances and are guided by their preferences. But you should not forget that each woman - identity. The work of the master admiring one can leave neutral impression at another.

For convenience of search of the expert in beauty the Internet - the " portal was created; Stillion on which a large number of announcements of the private masters working in such areas as hairdresser`s services, a make-up, wedding style, manicure, a pedicure and cosmetology is collected. Each announcement comprises the detailed price list and a portfolio of works.

If you want to find the private master, then now you should not spend time for viewing of various theme groups on social networks and to wander on a set of the personal websites of stylists. Welcome to Stillion - the meeting place of those who want to become more beautiful, and those who can help with it.