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What to do with a grandmother`s dresser? There are no

exact date of emergence of a profession of the cabinetmaker. It is known only that there were masters and others " colors;: the beloderevshchik, for example, worked with a pine, a fir-tree, the Karelian birch; a chernoderevshchik or as he in Petrovsky times was called, ebenist (from ebony), worked with black wood. Respectively, the cabinetmaker - with red which treat mahogany, an oak, an ash-tree, cherry.

Works of masters were, as a rule, the piece, carefully trimmed incrustations, a carving, silver or brass inserts. And wood by means of a protective layer of a varnish or oil was preserved. The varnish closed all time of wood, protecting it from moisture and pollution. Oil after drying created an elastic film which lack was a bad resistance to mechanical damages on a surface. Sometimes for gloss giving, over oil, wood was covered with a wax layer. This reception is used and now: the wood covered with wax takes a noble antiquarian form and a reflection.

If you like things with the past, with the history, but you prefer to get them in antique shops, then can bring them in the house at once and put on the worthy place: the furniture from antique shops is already brought to a good shape.

And in this article we will say about what to do if in inheritance you got a grandmother`s dresser, and you would like to enter it in the interior. At old things very warm power. And put in order, they are pleasant approximately, warm the house, create the atmosphere of a cosiness and comfort.

Without addressing the expert - the restorer, you can make only renovation: to clear of dirt, to restore a surface from scratches, attritions. For this purpose it is impossible to use water or pure alcohol at all, and also to try to clean off dirt a knife. There are special highly effective solvents which delete dirt and wax from a surface, without damaging wood. If you need to remove also old paint, then it is necessary to use special gel for washings of old " paint; which is put with the pallet, and in a few minutes is removed the same pallet together with dirt and old paint.

For masking of small scratches there are wax pencils of different flowers, with their help scratch is filled with wax, and the polishing mastic from above is applied. Now on sale various preparations for leaving and cosmetic restoration of furniture are presented. But for repair of the varnished covering nevertheless it is better to address the expert.

Independently you can glue the fallen-off leg or the come unstuck interline interval, but more difficult types of repair should be charged to the restorer too.

So, the dresser or buffet is given in tidy look. But how to make so that it did not bring the antediluvian shape a dissonance in your easy and modern interior?

For example, it is possible to cover old furniture with several layers of a black varnish and the thing will become stylish, Japanese . At the same time you will spend only several hours, and the thing will change to unrecognizability and will fit into your interior in fashionable stylistics zen .

And it is possible to paint an old dresser or a case, it is especially recommended when painting was its initial finishing: it is possible to wash away old paint not always and not completely. Old furniture to paint one more occasion with paints, - if it is made of wood of poor quality which as purify and do not improve, beautifully it will not look all the same.

For a list it is possible not to clean off completely a layer of old paint, and to wash away paint on speakers parts of furniture, having bared wood. At the same time on the planes of boxes and doors paint can be smoothed out partially very small skin. After this preliminary processing the furniture finds is rubbed - the peeled look, becoming from an old dresser a subject in the spirit of picturesque vintage . But if to you also it is not enough, then it is possible to apply drawing which will correspond to style of your situation on the smoothed-out surfaces.

The list on furniture solves at least two problems: you will create absolutely unique interior and will be able to connect in uniform harmonious whole its details. So painted bedside table can become an axis around which it will be constructed all other furniture.

You should not think at the same time that will independently reanimate old furniture generally from a lack of means (there is not enough money for restoration, or furniture to restoration it is unsuitable). For many production of things the hands not need, but creative requirement.

So, the fashionable Parisian decorator Andre Dubreille in a bedroom near a bed has a little table which he made of a shod support for umbrellas and the marble table-top ornamented by it. In his house there are a lot of things created by him, and its works are called antiques of the future and they decorate houses of the most exacting buyers.

And the poet and the screenwriter with a world name Tonino Guerra creates doors and kitchen buffets from the old, served boards, making pieces of wood as a mosaic. In its Moscow apartment there is a lot of furniture made by him.

The famous designer Piero Fornasetti became famous in the field of a furniture list also. Its painted dressers and secretaries are on sale at world auctions for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Within fifty years Fornasetti turned ordinary household objects into works of high design.

So you should not hesitate own nonprofessional frescos on furniture, you not in the museum expose it. But the case in pastel tones with a simple list will become a lovely detail in your bedroom or in the room of your children.

Even the most primitive in a form cheap komodik if to paint it, will become the real decoration of a hall. And it is not important that the list is executed nonprofessionally, but earlier faceless dresser keeps heat of your hands now.

If drawing was not given you since the childhood, it is possible just to coat close (or on the contrary, contrast) a shade the different planes of doors and end faces of a bedside table, a case or a dresser. And it is possible to finish finishing new handles from brass and to paint tone of " brass; edging on doors.

Generally, all in your hands, dare, and your old furniture will become an author`s, original thing, and the interior will find new sounding.