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How to learn to speak English without learning of grammatical rules?

are known to All that it is necessary to know grammar correctly to speak and write in English. The grammar represents set of rules of construction which allow to make the correct intelligent offers and phrases. It turns out that if the person does not know grammatical rules, then he will not be able correctly to build offers and to inform of the thoughts other people. And it is right. Language is not just a mere verbiage. Very important how these words communicate among themselves in the offers expressing concrete thoughts.

Let`s present that we know the English grammar and words. We can without hurrying to express the thoughts on paper, we can read, but whether the knowledge of grammar in English will help us to think and to freely express the thoughts? Whether we will be able also quickly and without problems to speak English, how the native? It is unlikely. But many so think. Let`s look from where this delusion went.

How there is a training in English in schools, institutes, on courses? Initially we learn the alphabet, various words, grammatical rules. Then we learn to read in English. Further we learn to write. And on occupations we give it almost all the time. Then we try to speak English. But, unfortunately, not enough attention is paid to ability to speak. The grammar gets its lion`s share.

Whether many people after such training will learn to think and to speak in English fluently? Unfortunately, no. At the same time It should be noted that the people studying English by such technique and who did not achieve success all the same say that to learn it is possible to speak in English only this way.

Strange, huh? Why then people so speak? On this question there is very simple answer: people never allocate other way of studying of English. All life they were trained by a standard technique. In the beginning at school, then at institute. For some reason after institute people assume that on courses - that they will be able precisely to learn language. But training technique most often absolutely same. And here people the third time try to make same, all walk twice into a same water and do not try to obtain success.

As it is possible to learn to speak English, without learning grammar? You can answer yourself this question. Remember small children or just the childhood. By the time of when you went to the first class, you did not know any rule, but at the same time could communicate in Russian and it is correct to build offers.

How you learned it then? You only listened and spoke. And when the speech was not correct, you were corrected by mother or the father. Thus, you learned to speak Russian freely. Why similar approach is not used when studying English? Why we do everything on the contrary: in the beginning we learn grammar, and then we try to start talking?

Fortunately, there are courses which allow to learn to speak and think in English in such natural way. The technique of such training was developed in the Czech Republic 16 years ago and proved the efficiency.

On occupations students are given a certain part of grammatical rules in the form of designs of offers and new words then students communicate, using pledged to a design and words, among themselves. At this time the teacher controls all process and corrects students at emergence of mistakes. Then students change partners and continue to communicate.

Thanks to such approach students achieve the following results:

1) Naturally acquire grammar, without learning the rule.

2) Develop colloquial skill of English. It is far more important, than written. If you can speak, you will be able to express the thought on paper without problems.

3) Learn to distinguish the English pronunciation. Having talked with 10 - yu students, the person without problems will be able to communicate also with 11, 12, 13, etc. the person. The colloquial barrier preventing many people to communicate collapses.

4) Students do not miss and do not fill up at lessons! Occupations take place actively in very positive and cheerful atmosphere.

5) Learn to control correctness of a pronunciation and creation of offers at other students.

6) is natural and without cramming enrich the lexicon as fix new words on occupation at once.

You will be able to be convinced of efficiency of this approach absolutely free of charge. Register in a free fact-finding lesson at which you not only in more detail learn about technology of training, but also you will be able to feel its efficiency on yourself!

Employee of Applied Formation of the CIS

Alexey Hasbiulin