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McDonald`s : 100% beef cutlets? All - as sometimes it is useful to see

all the eyes, but not to rely on leisure conjectures and sarafan radio!

It I about the " program; Patrol of quality McDonald`s in which to me marvelously

Business so happened to participate recently: MK advertized hot " line; with participation Witz - the president McDonald`s Alexey Semenov. Persons interested could ask it a question on the website MK and authors of the best questions were invited in a trip to one of suppliers McDonald`s . And I as the correspondent MK was officially it is affiliated to this group - to state the impressions of a trip on the website of the edition and not only on it...

A frosty sunny day what there was much this winter. We drive up to the city of Odintsovo situated near Moscow where the plant of the " company was located; MARR RUSSIYA making meat semi-finished products for a network of " restaurants; McDonald`s . Frankly speaking, I was skeptic - us wait for times, so will show only what is wanted to be shown, and, of course, everything will be in the best look. But in process it became clear that on MARR RUSSIYA comes a lot of checking, and even film crews sometimes arrive (without the prevention!) . It appears, here are ALWAYS because observe the most strict and safety rules which is obliged " ready to checks and inspections; it is sacred to observe each supplier of the " network; McDonald`s .

But about everything one after another. In all rooms, including warehouse - purity, and in meat shops at all sterility. Before an entrance to meat shop - obligatory disinfection of special footwear and the special touch device which will not pass the worker in shop if it did not wash and did not disinfect a hand. The form of the personnel working directly at a factory is daily brought from a dry-cleaner without uniform speck - just as in five-stars hotel (and that not in everyone!) .

Inner sanctum - the place where actually frozen cutlets are made of beef - we all delegation observed with the person glazed observation deck . Everywhere - the same purity, and still workers in special earphones with antennas and handheld transceivers reminded me characters from some fantastic movie. Here only they deal with substance quite real: with 100% boneless beef. For production of beef cutlets for hamburgers, Big Macs and Big Tasty (all three - the different sizes, by the way) 60% of import beef and 40% - our, Russian which arrives from the Belgorod, Voronezh, Ulyanovsk, Moscow regions and Mordovia are used. Import of beef goes from meat-processing plants of Lithuania, and also from Brazil, Germany, Italy, Australia.

Further on the production line meat is crushed in huge meat grinders, then comes to forming machines where cutlets of the parameters which are strictly set according to the specification are made of it (weight, diameter, thickness). And it is possible only at a certain temperature of forcemeat during molding. In this case it is possible from pure meat, without any binding additives, to create cutlet. Then cutlets on a conveyor tape fast come to the shock freezer with a temperature of -46 C. Process of a fast freezing goes within 90 - 180 seconds that allows to keep quality and freshness of meat and does cutlet such juicy and soft after preparation on a grill at restaurant.

For fans of diets: forcemeat is at once investigated on percentage contents of fat with use of the special FoodScan system - saw with own eyes! Each party of forcemeat is exposed to such procedure.

Further already frozen cutlets without fail pass the metaldetector, then - are packed and carried on restaurants of a network.

Then we all group saw microbiological laboratory with the most modern equipment, a grill - the room where each party of cutlets undergoes testing to taste, to appearance, and then treated us with those cutlets. And they were trained in the same way as it is done in McDonald`s - on the same grill Cockleshell absolutely without addition of any oils or fats!

Personally for me the main proof that the trip was successful was the fact that literally EACH participant of ours Patrol of quality - even those who initially skeptically hemmed and asked malicious questions - with appetite ate greedily the offered cutlets. Well, and I, certainly, - in the forefront and with enthusiasm!