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Ventilation of garage

Why establish ventilation in garage?

Why occurs in the people opinion that in heat, well heated garage " cars; long do not live ? All this can quite easily be explained. Rather often, at construction of capital garage, at the builder heating of garage is on the first place - whether there it will be warm in cold time. And just do not attach to air ventilation process due significance. Batteries which establish in garage provide comfortable room temperature in it.

Visiting in garage on the car we deliver snow which safely stuck to the bottom, salt, dirt. And very few people thought of a question of the organization in garage of means of removal of moisture or simple drainage system. The external moisture which got with the come-around car is present at garage and makes 100 percent of relative humidity. Add to everything evaporation of hot oils, paints and other fuels and lubricants. The engine, during the work emits carbon monoxide. Generally, almost ideal conditions for oxidation processes are created. to

to provide the cars ought storage conditions, it is necessary to arrange a sistuma of ventilation of garage which would provide the required humidity of air, deleting harmful substances, provided necessary air exchange. It is worth remembering what ventilation needs to be provided in heated, and also in not heated garages.

What is told by normative documents on this occasion?

the Collection Construction Norms and Regulations 21 - 02 - 99 specifies that air temperature in winter time in garage should not exceed and be less than 5 C. For removal of harmful gases, for lowering of the level of humidity of the room it is necessary to use pritochno - exhaust ventilation of garage.

Three the main version of the device of garage ventilation:

- application of natural ventilation;

- use of mechanical ventilation;

- the organization of the combined ventilation

Natural ventilation

Invariable plus of this system is its low cost and simplicity of a design. It is possible to organize such ventilation without the assistance of qualified specialists. From a door stitched lattices which serve for forced ventilation, executed in the form of blinds are established. Efficiency of ventilation can be increased, having made the section of stitched lattices in several (2 - 3) times more, than the section of exhaust. Removal of an air stream happens via the exhaust deflector.

the Deflector, represents the exhaust device which is installed on a roof and at interaction with the wind forms pressure decrease in an exhaust air duct, providing at the same time a low consumption of air. The deflector is placed vertically in a wall which is opposite to gate. It is necessary to heat-insulate the deflector outside for prevention of a congestion of condensate. The tin air duct, or pipe from asbestos are established by not less than 50 cm over roof level.

Air exchange in garage, it is possible to regulate by means of the warmed shiber, seasonally. It is necessary to make so that the room breathed at all seasons of the year. Such condition gives the main advantage to natural system of ventilation. It is necessary to remember that garage ventilation depends from 3 - x factors which play an important role:

1) Difference of temperatures. Internal temperature has to exceed external temperature considerably. More close entering fresh air spontaneously arrives through the stitched lattices located below and forces out less dense air which is already fulfilled.

2) Difference of air pressure.

3) Wind pressure. From the windy party pressure will be constant raised, with leeward, on the contrary - lowered. For this purpose it is necessary to have inflow of an air stream from the main direction so-called wind roses .

the Lack of natural aeration is dependence of its efficiency on the factors described above. It is quite natural that at these factors natural ventilation in warm time considerably worsens. For increase of its efficiency open all exhaust and stitched openings in the summer.

the Combined ventilation

is a combination mechanical exhaust with natural stitched system.

Pritochny lattices have in a bottom of a face wall. The exhaust fan is installed on a wall, or on a roof of garage. Power of such fan 100 of watts

the Lack of system is permanent job of the exhaust fan. Without its inclusion the system also continues work, but with much smaller efficiency. Partially the problem is solved by installation of the simple hour relay which will periodically include and to switch off the fan.

refer low cost, simplicity of the device, big overall performance To pluses of system, than in the conditions of natural ventilation, and also small electricity consumption by system.

Mechanical ventilation in garage

Mechanical ventilation is deprived of the shortcomings described in the previous systems. Both inflow, and removal of air is carried out by separate devices.

of Pritochnaya ventilating installation includes the filter, the fan, an electroheater. Arriving on the ventilating channel air, gets to stitched installation where it is exposed to processing (a filtration and heating). Further it arrives to so-called air distributors. In most cases ventilation is arranged from below - up i.e. pritochny air arrives from below. It is reached also lowering of an air duct to floor level, and installation of an air duct in a viewing hole of garage.

Exhaust ventilation consists of one, or of two fans. Fans can be used both axial, and channel type.

At the ventilation device for big garage will be most rational installation pritochno - exhaust ventilation as on average one car spends 180 m3/h of air at storage.