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Assimilation of knowledge


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

of Knowledge receiving

pv is difficult to acquire knowledge to they are who, does not own training process. p Receiving the meaningless and not checked knowledge - prevents

wisdom arrival.

p to use knowledge of people is better not to ask, and to listen.

z Answering a question of people, gives immature thought.

pz Knowledge best of all get into the person - through inquisitiveness

zpv Unsystematic, chaotic, meaningless, false, Lish -

of scientific research institute, outdated knowledge only disturbs thinking and obscures reason.

pz of a huge number of information without due judgment cannot give to Proglatyvaniye profound knowledge.

pv the Person has to seek to acquire knowledge not by efforts

of memory, but by efforts of thinking, passing them through heart. z it is better for

to get Knowledge at the fountain-head.

p without having acquired the most vital knowledge, you should not take -

sya for minor.

and Judgment of events - generate knowledge.

and At judgment of old knowledge - are born new.

p is known by those More - who asks questions and is interested in everything.

z Ingenuity is capable to meet lacks in knowledge.

to That is a lot of nobility - with small it is necessary to begin.

p Only through patience and diligence - come knowledge.

but without having fallen deeply - it is impossible to reach top of knowledge.

to the Question - the beginning of knowledge. it is more difficult to fill

and False learning with knowledge, than illiteracy.

and In knowledge of the person having good logical thinking and big ingenuity the knowledge gained from the outside are only the base, but not the crude and not coordinated basis, as at people not possessing these qualities.

p is not enough to Gain knowledge - they should be seized.

d Knowledge - as a mosaic consist of small particles.

pv Ignorance is better than KNOWLEDGE

, than the false and badly acquired knowledge.

pz the Person acquires knowledge better if shares them with others.

to the Doctrine without action - that crude pie.

p Only intelligent information can be knowledge.

p the Main knowledge not in words, and in affairs.

and Chaotic, not coordinated, meaningless, inconsistent knowledge - upset thinking.

and The is stronger light of knowledge - the further it light ignorance space.

p Knowledge, not fashionable shchebleta - which, show all. p the Truth trusts

only to practice.

z Practice without theory - can be viable, the theory without practice - is not present.

and Imagination and ingenuity are important not less than knowledge.

and - is very important For quality of knowledge mistrust.

to the Knowledge of the person which is not coordinated among themselves - that the scattered sheets of the torn books.

p Effect of knowledge not so much in their quantity, how many in a ponim -

of scientific research institute and application.

p the Knowledge gained without interest - are dead.

pzv the Person striving for knowledge has to, first of all, on -

to learn to allocate from the general information necessary, useful,


p is silly to aspire to knowledge of the highest matters, without having ponya -

Tia about elementary.

p should prefer Savoir vivre to other knowledge.

p Valuable knowledge - from knowledge of.

p the Person who is not learning truth of life will never become on -


p the Most valuable and necessary knowledge should be subjected constantly re -

of a viziya and revaluation.

and the Gained knowledge as the reaped crop to keep - it is necessary to have worthy storage. pzv the Naked memory which is not shrouded in reflection - is not capable to give to


p Inquisitiveness - a direct road to knowledge.

and Mind is only the soil for growth of knowledge.

pzv the shortest road to knowledge - through truth.

and to the Normal person has to be potrebno not only a floor -

a knowledge chat, but also to give.

and Disinterested transfer of knowledge by another - is a civil feat and a sign of nobility.

and Knowledge - not mind, and only to it - help.

p Very important knowledge of laws of the nature, life and psychology of people.

pzv Knowledge get true value only then - when they are used for search of truth.

z receives the Lion`s share of knowledge of people independently through the diploma opening interesting and necessary information.

but Not everything who is able to read - are capable to think.

and Erudition - only conceiving in use.

and Erudition - the thinnest fake under wisdom.

yu already to us knows All - but much do not know that.

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and True knowledge that, - which are clearly comprehended and clear. and each person, has

to what will learn.

and Knowledge is intelligent information which you already possess.

p Wrong knowledge - is worse than ignorance.

p It is necessary to study at those who carry away us, encourage, nastavlya -

et, take off fatigue and disappointment.

and Knowledge can be got from any material. and We a lot of things know

, without remembering from where this knowledge to us at -


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