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What do you know about estate Abramtzevo history?

Here and the fall imperceptibly crept. And quite recently there was such exhausting heat! And if during a heat all escaped at dachas, then now it is a high time travel - ahead the most beautiful and warm period of fall-Indian summer! Invite the friends, darlings, children to fantastic Abramtzevo.

is the best of all to reach Abramtzevo by an electric train (from the Yaroslavl station) - that on the way from station ( Abramtzevo ) to walk on forest footpaths, to shake up brightly - red foliage, to inhale a full breast mushroom spirit - vobshchy, to feel fully harmony and tranquility of the local nature.

I is possible, having risen by a hillock to the estate, you feel certain zhavyu . Familiar places? Of course! On an illustration in the textbook of literature - exactly here the picture « was painted by Nesterov; Phenomenon to the adolescent Varfolomey - on it the praying aged man and the adolescent Varfolomey - young Sergey of Radonezh. To Nesterov from a porch of the abramtsevsky farmstead house opened, on his memoirs, such Russian, Russian autumn beauty that it like some special feeling authenticity and historicities this look. Here he writes the sketch which became a picture background.

Here the estate with the house which walls absorbed in themselves eternal - perhaps, it is rare where in Moscow there will be such house where so many great people - writers, artists, poets visited. The Abramtsevsky house, frankly speaking, poorly fits into the concept farmstead - small, one-storeyed, rather poor - not that present oligarchs build. And owners of this house were people not the poor - were able to afford and the residence is richer. All truth is that in you times for these people the main wealth in the house were harmony, the sincere world, a harmony in a family, and not the number of floors, chandeliers, carpets in the house and diamonds on the wife`s neck at all.

First famous owner Abramtzevo - the Russian writer, the government official and the public figure, the literary and theatrical critic, the memoirist, the author of books about fishing and hunting, lepidopterolog, the author Scarlet Flower - S. T. Aksakov was fascinated by local beauty. The Village embraced me, - he writes the son Ivan, - the smell of young leaves and the blossoming bushes, the space, the... silence and tranquility. I am not able to explain to you what world spilled in my soul! .

Aksakov invites to the estate of the friends - N. V. Gogol, I. S. Turgenev, M. S. Shchepkin, S. M. Solovyov, V. G. Belinsky is only a small list of those whose steps remember farmstead footpaths whose voice is remembered by these walls. Someone from them comes for a while, and someone it is necessary to stay for a while - Abramtsevsky places - fertile environment for creativity. N. V. Gogol long lives to Abramtzevo, exactly here he for the first time reads chapter 1 of the second volume Dead souls .

In 11 years after Aksakov`s death the house is got by the famous patron Savva Mamontov. The artist Nesterov wrote: At Mamontov all draw, play or sing. Family of actors and friends of actors . Really, Mamontov, having kept spirit of the old man Aksakov in the estate, continues business of the predecessor: still there come the creative intellectuals of Russia here, still in the evenings play music, draw in the afternoon, compose - create Peculiar creative association of artists, Mamontov`s friends - I. E. Repin, V. M. Vasnetsov, A. M. Vasnetsov, V. D. Polenov, I. S. Ostroukhov, M. A. Vrubel, M. V. Nesterov, V. A. Korovin, I. I. Levitan, became history of art under the name Abramtsevsky Art circle (Mamontovsky circle).

In 1918 the estate becomes the museum, his first keeper - younger daughter of Savva Ivanovich Mamontov Alexander Savvichn. in

of Children here the children`s arbor - a hut on chicken legs, of course, will interest (it is constructed on V. M. Vasnetsov`s project especially for Mamontov`s children); the bench revetted with ingenious Vrubel, handwork tiles; fantastic teremok, constructed under kitchen; abramtsevsky pond with the bridge; stone images - the ancient Polovtsian idols brought by S. I. Mamontov from construction of railway tracks in the Ukrainian steppes. Hobby for the railroad - rather expensive pleasure, from - for whom in 1899 the owner of Abramtzevo was comprehended by a financial trouble. Mamontov was put on trial for waste. Subsequently it was justified, but is ruined.

Adults, certainly, will be delighted with excursions on the farmstead house, and also on the art workshop named by Vrubelevska - here Savva Ivanovich, the sculptor Antokolsky, artists Vasnetsov, Vrubel, Serov, Polenov and Repin worked. In the fall the building of a workshop of Vrubel is similar on fantastic beauty a lodge, and will not think that a workshop, and everything from - for the vyyunkovy plants braiding a workshop which incorporated all paints of fall. The unforgettable impression will be left by the Church of the Vernicle constructed on V. M. Vasnetsov and V. D. Polenov`s project.

If love simple beauty, come to Abramtzevo!