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Buckwheat diet. Whether such severe?

As any monodiet, buckwheat quickly enough force to grow thin and at the same time clears an organism.

Diets on buckwheat are calculated on one or two weeks and allow to dump about 8-10 kg in a week. It is very nourishing therefore the diet passes without feeling of hunger.

However, not really tasty, and it is necessary those who does not love buckwheat difficult. Thanks to the carbohydrates which are contained in it, weight loss usually happens not at once but only several days later. The initial weight is higher - the weight loss is more powerful.

Pluses and minuses of a diet

the Clearing properties of buckwheat allow to get rid of dermatological problems, to put skin, hair and nails in order, and availability of iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B, RR and routine - to strengthen walls of vessels and to increase resistance of an organism to stresses.

There are various options of a buckwheat diet, more or less long, rigid and easier transferable. How the diet is carried out?

The buckwheat diet is carried out without addition to dishes of sugar and salt. It allows to bring slags and excess water out of an organism and not to gain weight the use of light carbohydrates.

Owing to not receipt in an organism of salt and the arisen its deficiency, periodic headaches and falling of arterial pressure are possible. Therefore the diet is not shown to people with unstable pressure. As a last resort, consultation of the therapist is necessary.

Sugar is necessary for a brain for successful work and therefore soon enough it is possible to feel that we think worse and that there is a strong wish for some sweet. Help yourself. Part a honey teaspoon in a glass of water and drink the received mix.

Will help to prevent failure of a diet also existence in it of dried fruits, but no more than 100 grams a day. It can be the dried apricots, prunes, a fig, dates etc. of

As always, it is necessary to drink enough water. It will help to bring all harmful substances out of an organism and will accelerate a metabolism.

Also polyvitamins are obligatory. On such diet in several days it is possible to grow thin for two kilograms. Whenever possible it is necessary to hold on on a buckwheat diet with dried fruits two weeks.

How to cook buckwheat?

of Grechnevo - the kefiric diet - many is estimated as the most effective diet for weight loss.

To fill in a glass of buckwheat with boiled water and to leave to be drawn for the night. It is not necessary to cook. In the morning porridge is ready to merge water - and to the use. It should be eaten during the day - without salt, spices and sauces. It is possible to fill in with kefir 1% of fat content in quantity on the date of no more than one liter. It is impossible to eat in 3-4 hours prior to a dream, but if it is hungry, then the glass of kefir with water in half is permissible.

The croup cannot trouble, and to cook, without adding, naturally, either salt, or oil. This option is worse. At it the part of minerals and vitamins leaves.

So, on an empty stomach since morning to drink a glass of hot water with a spoon of honey and two segments of a lemon. Then to eat the one third part of porridge. It can be washed down with natural vegetable juice: pumpkin, beet, tomato without salt and sugar. During the lunchtime and the dinner is eaten up the remained porridge. (For lunch we eat a third more of porridge. For dinner - we eat up remained.)

A diet Buckwheat cereal with juice is calculated on 7-10 days.

On an empty stomach to drink a glass of warm water that will help work of intestines. To have breakfast the third part of the made porridge two hours later after awakening. In an hour after a breakfast - a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. Hour through two svekolno - carrot juice.

For lunch to eat a third of buckwheat again. In an hour juice, this time seldereevo - cucumber. For half an hour till a dinner to drink kapustno - apple juice. For dinner to eat up the buckwheat remains. A dinner no later than 6 o`clock in the evening. Before going to bed - fresh orange juice. Juice has to be fresh without preservatives and without addition of salt and sugar. They can be changed, considering the taste, and it is possible and to alternate to herbal teas with an additive of lemon juice.

To cope with thirst for sweet and to feed a brain, we choose a diet Buckwheat cereal with honey . It is possible to drink water with a honey teaspoon to two glasses a day.

Hint: the longer flavoring receptors of language contact with sweet, the pleasure is more long. Therefore it is desirable to rassasyvat honey slowly, and only then to wash down with water. It is necessary to keep to a diet for a week then it is necessary to take a break, a minimum for a month. After that it is possible to repeat a buckwheat diet again.

Buckwheat unloading

Krom actually of a diet, exist fasting days on buckwheat. Combining buckwheat with kefir, we clear an organism and we improve the general state.

The glass of steamed buckwheat in two glasses of boiled water is drawn all night long. We divide porridge into three parts - for a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. Between meals we drink one liter of the fat-free kefir. It is possible to add power sweet to a poor diet: one tablespoon of crude buckwheat is crushed in the coffee grinder with one spoon of pine nuts. Add a half-teaspoon of honey to mix and carefully mix.

Having finished a diet, it is necessary to eat moderately again not to gain excess weight. It is not necessary to eat with sweets and greasy food, is for the night. However, if slightly recovered, carry out a fasting day on buckwheat. One day will come already easily.

To you not to get used to it!