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The review on Mechanic (The Mechanic, 2010)

Jason Statham (the surname of the actor a little bit not so is said, but at us it is accepted to call him - to call Statham), of course, not Charles Bronson. Though if it is honest, the same Bronson`s contribution (in girlhood - Buchinski) in cinema is strongly exaggerated. In its filmography 114 names (according to Kinopoisk), but really know it and remember only on To Thirst of death To the Machine gunner Kelly Once in the Wild West Leon and To the Magnificent seven . And, in the last picture and besides Bronson there were many big names. The hero of westerns and police fighters, Bronson had the memorable appearance, own laconic style and was a professional characteristic actor, but no more than that (yes his devoted admirers will forgive me).

And here Bronson who abandoned us in 2003 so far as concerns the movie which was only recently going in the Russian hire is asked? The matter is that Mechanic (2010) is a remake of the picture of the same name of Michael Uinner of a sample of 1972. Within mass campaign for updating of own film archive, the Hollywood studios already let out and still are going to produce a set of alterations. Mechanic in this list not the first and obviously not last copy.

Properly to hide, it is necessary to be in full view of all. And when the announcement that someone needs the mechanic is published in the local newspaper, it does not mean at all that the customer needs to repair the car or to dolly up the machine. This message intends to Artur Bishop, the professional hitman debugging absolutely other property.

Charge to Bishop the most difficult cases. Not always it is required to arrange indicative execution and to kill the client in broad daylight in the face of women and children. Much more often than Bishop ask to arrange accident or to arrange business as suicide. Artur should be the most reserved and accurate, using firearms only when in it there is an exclusive need.

Artur has a good friend and the patron Harry (Donald Sutherland). But when the boss and the main customer of Artur, the large criminal businessman Dean (Tony Golduin) orders to Bishop to eliminate Harry, that is forced to obey. It appears, Harry substituted firm and became a cause of death of several of her employees.

Having performed a burdensome task, our hero suffers a conscience inflammation. He understands that he arrived professionally, but is not ethic. Therefore decides to warm at itself the prodigal son Harry, Steve (Ben Foster), to devote him in elements of the skill and to give it chance to prove. But not to revenge as Bishop, knowing explosive character of the pupil, perfectly realizes that happen to the son to learn a true cause of death of the father, it, his current mentor, itself will become a target number one

Surprisingly the strong and vigorous boyevichok turned out at Simon Uest. Under strong I understand not scenario strongly full of holes, and under vigorous - necessary existence in movies of this genre of pursuits, fights, firefights and true severe male charisma.

Statham beginning career in criminal masterpieces of Guy Richie somehow imperceptibly moved to Hollywood and strongly the action was proved in a genre. Any deviations, only the real fighters how good white guys wet in so white toilets, but bad. Two " Adrenaline; three Carrier Deadly race War and even participation in star structure Uncontrollable Sylvester Stallone, that already in itself it is possible to consider as achievement.

Mechanic in this plan against other projects of Statham it is not strongly allocated. It is slightly more than naturalism, however the chamber does not study brains on a wall and does not savor. Death in To Mechanics comes promptly and inevitably, and the main character acts as the train which is sweeping away all and all on the way. Quickly, effectively and effectively. Fights and firefights that is characteristic of all movies with participation of the actor, are executed at the top level, removed skillfully and are the only and main reason for viewing of this movie.

Frankly Ben Foster who personally in my opinion progresses from the movie to the movie pleased. The yesterday`s modest virgin from Love Virus (Get Over It, 2001) turned in brutal a tipchik with which jokes are bad. At first the bright film villain in The Train on Yuma then the astronaut mislaid in deep space in Pandorum . In To Mechanics Foster concedes nothing to a nominal star of the movie to Statham, and in dialogues even wins.

In general, Simon Uest met expectations. Debuting in 1997 the fighter Air prison Uest then removed the first Lara Croft and till this moment it was interrupted by work on television, having for some reason thrown cinema. As it appears, in vain. The Mechanic the director proved that, at least, with this genre at him everything is all right.