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How color influences health and mood?

Still great Goethe noticed that yellow color wakes up pure feelings, blue causes feeling of cold, lilac something desolate, and red creates the whole scale of impressions. Color influences mood, feeling and, finally, health of the person. As well as why it occurs?

Colour and health

at the time of the most ancient civilizations people used color for treatment. So, in Ancient Egypt there were special rooms in temples where sunshine refracted and gave different colors of a range. The person literally bathed in color. This way of treatment - Ra - therapy was called. Today it was succeeded by chromotherapy. She studies influence of color on health of the person.

So, red color stimulates with the nervous centers, the left hemisphere, loads with energy a liver and muscles. However at long influence can cause fatigue and tachycardia. It is applied at treatment of an anemia, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, diseases of endocrine system, rheumatism, apathy, pathology of a retina of an eye and squint.

Red color at fever, nervous excitement, a hypertension, inflammatory processes, neuritis is contraindicated. Badly it influences also on brightly - red people.

Yellow and lemon colors make active the motive centers, generate energy for muscles, stimulate and clear a liver, intestines, skin, possess zhelchegonny and laxative action. These are colors of joyful mood and sexuality. Are used at treatment of diabetes, violation of digestion, dysfunction of a gall bladder, liver, intestines. In ophthalmology - at squint, a slabovideniye, diseases of a retina and vessels of an eye.

It is impossible to use yellow colors at the increased body temperature, neuralgia, overexcitation, inflammations and visual hallucinations.

Green color eliminates angiospasms and lowers a blood pressure, expands capillaries, promotes good mood. Therefore it is applied at warmly - vascular diseases, neuralgia, asthma, osteochondrosis, impotence, sleeplessness. Also for treatment of glaucoma, short-sightedness, diseases of a retina and an optic nerve.

Blue color, on the contrary, promotes an angiospasm and increases pressure. Possesses antimicrobic action. Use it at disinfection of rooms, for treatment of diseases of an ear, a throat and a nose, zheludochno - an intestinal path. Concerning eyes - it cornea diseases, an initial cataract, short-sightedness.

At long influence blue color can cause fatigue and a depression.

Violet color stimulates a parathyroid gland, function of a spleen, raises a muscular tone. For the rest this color works the same as blue.

In ophthalmology the device which influences eyes a certain combination of color scales is used. After color influence some eye diseases completely recover, others considerably recede. At the same time, as a rule, the general state improves, there pass headaches, appetite increases, the dream is normalized. Colour and mood

Buying by

clothes, equipping the dwelling in a certain color scale why we prefer one colors and we do not love others? Just like that it is pleasant, in the right frame of mind.

Psychologists claim that not so everything is simple. The mood and character not always coincide. In the same way as weather and climate. In the district to equal climate sometimes there are both rains, and a hail, and snow. And in the choice of color - it is possible to prefer all life one scale, but at some moment it will uncontrollably want to surround itself in absolutely opposite color.

You constantly wear clothes is gray - blue flowers and suddenly bought a red blouse. After a while you look at it and you are sorry about the spent money. You do not hurry to get rid of it, the desire to cheer up will return, and you will put on this blouse.

Psychologists explain this phenomenon so. Constant addiction of the person to a certain color characterizes its character, and unexpected splashes - his mood at present. Then it is possible to use color that to interrupt mood.

We buy this or that thing, being guided by own taste and addictions. But, if tested physical and emotional overworks recently, we will instinctively choose dark colors. If, on the contrary, organism on rise there is a wish for fulfillments, we will choose bright colors.

Scientists mark out the main colors which define a psychological spirit of the person: satisfaction, self-affirmation, activity, attachment, expectation something good. Let`s consider value of primary colors to estimate the character and the relatives.

Red symbolizes will power, activity, aggression, independence, mobility. The person in red is cheerful, sexual, vigorous. In the color sensuality is put. It fills life with passion, desires. If you crushed life or routine work is necessary, use this color. If you are excited, nervously exhausted, red color will only aggravate situation.

Orange optimism, hospitality, impulsiveness and persistence represents. The people preferring orange the good friends ready always to help.

Pink - color of tenderness and feminity.

Yellow - color of a sunlight and joyful hopes. It is chosen cheerful, cheerful, purposeful, active and even expansive. The person in yellow is benevolent, self-assured, is able to earn money. This color helps to control a figure.

Green confirms flexibility of mind, judiciousness, understanding of a situation. Symbolizes financial wellbeing and prosperity. Brightly - green threshes. Hostility to green indicates discontent with the emotional state.

Blue - color of the world, color of truth. The person preferring blue is able to tell softly and not offensively the impartial truth and will be always correctly understood. The love to blue speaks about advanced intelligence. Nature of this color reserved, coldish. At tendency to corpulence they should not be fond.

Blue the passive, sensitive people loving an order and purity prefer. Tranquility for them above all, they are melancholic. Therefore you should not be fond of this color.

Violet awakens sublime dreams and mystery. These are the creative natures seeking to fascinate all. If it does not occur, they become whimsical and quick-tempered.

Brown color of conservatism. Represents stability, restraint in everything, reliability and modesty. The person loving this color, the great worker and the partner on whom it is always possible to rely.

White - color of purity, chastity, tranquility and composure. At obvious hobby white color can cause feeling of isolation and detachment.

Gray - business color. His owner is firm character, is hardy and unshakable. Prefers to control feelings, strives for stability. At excessive enthusiasm can cause despondency and a depression.

Black - " color; femmes fatales . The woman in black is selfish and ruthless. But in the world of fashion the opinion was claimed that black - color of elegance, style, good taste.

So, we are once again convinced that everything in life makes a certain sense and does not happen casual. It would seem, the preference of a certain color scale or a demonstrative variety of colors is especially at the subconscious level. But, at due consideration, color not only decorates the person, but also brings additional paints in understanding of its character and attitude.