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What to present to you, the person my dear? The Stone - a mascot - the best gift!

Choosing a gift, any person wants to present not just next banality, and something special, unusual, original, exclusive This list can be continued indefinitely, especially if business concerns close and dear people who very much want to give sincere joy from the presented thing. Today store regiments burst with abundance of goods for every taste and a purse, but from it the problem of the choice becomes even more difficult, eyes and thoughts run up, tens of options replace each other, and there is no result everything. And here you will be come to the rescue by a horoscope!

Wanted originality - it will be! Present ornament with a stone - a mascot. Each zodiac sign has stones - patrons who bring good luck and wellbeing to the owner. Such gift will become really special and will always remind of you. Still in the ancient time people noticed that minerals possess magic and curative properties, but the same stone differently influences different people therefore at the choice of such gift it is necessary to consider zodiac sign.

The Aries - a sign of the honest and straightforward people differing in sincerity, optimism, fearlessness and trustfulness opens a horoscope . From negative qualities some egoism and irascibility are inherent in them, but impulsive Arieses are able to reach compromise, are true friends. As a rule, they carefully follow the fashion and jewelry from natural stones will be it to taste: agate, coil, tiger eye, rock crystal, lazurite, coral, tourist`s raspberries. Do not forget to pack a gift for the Aries into beautiful, it is desirable brightly - red packing.

Tauruses are quiet, pliable, non-contentious people if not to swing before their nose a red rag. This sign distinguishes commitment and patience by ways to the planned purpose. And, despite a practicality and the seeming prosaicness, at the Taurus the innate sense of taste, is the distinguished nature capable to perceive fine all fibers of soul. Refined ornament with a suitable stone will become an excellent gift! Good luck and happiness to the Taurus will be brought: sapphire, amazonit, lazurite, kakholong, turquoise, alexandrite, a jasper.

Curious, witty Twins do not love loneliness, the love and care of people around are pleasant to them, but they are a little irritable and unpredictable, duality of nature sometimes throws them from one extreme to the other. They often lack patience and assiduity, but in general it is cheerful and natures light on the feet. They treat the appearance very scrupulously therefore the gift has to emphasize their refined style and taste. Twins are patronized by such stones as agate, amethyst, pomegranate, quartz, malachite, gagate, turquoise.

Timid and patient Cancers will read traditions, tremblingly care for the family, are the interesting interlocutors, romantics at heart able to appreciate fine, beginning by nature and finishing with jewelry. Do not disappoint them, choosing as a gift unique ornament. Best of all stones will approach: emerald, topaz, moonstone, hematite, lazurite, jasper, amber.

A lion - the strong, independent, outstanding personality, excentric and liking to enjoy attention and adoration of people around. They have a heightened sense of own advantage and congenital aspiration to be always ahead of the planet only. The lion loves magnificent gifts, but pays even more attention to ritual of their gift: the simplest gift should be handed in imperial registration. Do not forget about it when you choose a suitable stone for the Lev: cornelian, pomegranate, moonstone, nephrite, agate.

Practical and strict of the Maiden are at the same time surprisingly generous and indulgent, capable to bring in a short time order and a cosiness to thoughts, affairs and surrounding space. Maidens very much appreciate all beautiful and refined, including jewelry from natural stones. Rock crystal, malachite, amber, a cornelian, a jasper are suitable for them. But do not take in head to give a gift in unattractive packing at all, such trifle is capable to spoil for a long time mood to the Maiden.

Scales are easy and good-natured, pleasant and cheerful, do not suffer disputes and quarrels, very much value a peace of mind and adore romanticism. Harmony and steadiness - here their credo. However also some share of a creative is inherent in them that the pleasure and fun brings in their life. Scales prefer majestic stones: aquamarine, amethyst, sapphire, jasper, malachite, topaz, chrysolite.

A scorpion - a mysterious and mysterious sign. They do not like to splash out the force and energy outside, preferring internal experiences and a heart-searching. These people are generous and vulnerable, have the thin sincere organization, seek for improvement and justice for all. Scorpions love gifts which long remain, reminding of love and friendship. But mystery and mysteriousness - out of competition. Therefore ornament with a magic stone will be very opportunely. Stones - patrons of the Scorpion: coral, onyx, turquoise, hematite, cat`s eye.

Sagittariuses possess active and restless character, they are cheerful and good-natured, courageous and independent, purposeful and are rectilinear. As any other zodiac sign, they like all to strike with extravagance and a creative. The gift for them has to be special, surprising, unique! Lazurite, obsidian, turquoise, hematite, a jasper, zircon, a coral - here stones which will emphasize identity of the Sagittarius and will bring it good luck.

Resistant and purposeful Capricorns - the reserved natures often closed and constrained. To define what gift will be pleasant to them, not so simply. And nevertheless, they like to receive gifts, especially such on which they will not begin to spend money. It can be something expensive and exclusive. Goats have an innate sense of taste, and jewelry from noble stones will please them. Spare no expense for such gift, the Capricorn will estimate it. Its happy stones: pearls, chrysoprase, malachite, hematite, onyx, ruby, moonstone.

Inconsistent nature of Aquarius does not take out boredom and monotony, he loves changes, all is interesting to him new and fascinating. He adores receiving as a gift original bagatelles, not such, as at all. The gift for it needs to be bought fantastic - for example, jewelry with semi-precious stones. Will be suitable for Aquarius: lazurite, amethyst, quartz, jade, rock crystal, tsitrin, amber.

Fishes love depth, consider it at the choice of a gift. Too practical thing will not bring joy to your Small fish, she waits for something special. Fishes are inquisitive, faithful, sostradatelna, are emotional, pensive and talented. For achievement of success they often lack confidence in the forces. It is possible to help them to develop the best sincere qualities by means of minerals. Fishes are patronized by pearls, nephrite, gagate, chrysolite, a moonstone, a tiger eye.

Choose a suitable stone for the loved one, he will become his defender from negative impact and will surely bring happiness!