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Malt liquor - beer or the whole culture?

Malt liquor are a dark horse in the world of beer. It is known that in Russia this grade of beer is not so widespread as, for example, in England and therefore it is fanned by fog of secrets and riddles. To understand what the grade of beer is and what it is eaten with, the beer expert, the founder of the website beercult will help. ru, collector of beer attributes and pivoputeshestvennik Yury Valentinovich Katunin. And the first question to the expert:

What is malt liquor?

is a special style of beer - even not a grade, namely style. All the matter is that in malt liquor a large number of subgrades, it is difficult to describe them briefly so it is necessary to go from sources.

Where malt liquor appeared for the first time?

- the First emergence of malt liquor is London the beginnings of the 18th century.

In what feature, a malt liquor exclusivity?

is one of the most ancient grades of beer which reached our time. All other grades appeared much later. Taste, aroma, color - all was inherent in this drink. Though, of course, we cannot speak with confidence what it was in those times. whether

the Truth that Stout is a same malt liquor, is only stronger?

are a stereotype. If you take any encyclopedic or explanatory dictionary, then will surely see that Stout is strong " malt liquor;. But in any shop you will find out that malt liquor is much stronger, than Stout.

That is the answer to this question - yes and no . When there was a malt liquor (three hundred years ago), it was, obviously, is weaker, than Stout what sources testify to. Besides, malt liquor was not such dark. But over time malt liquor became really strong, and Stout did not so, by and large, malt liquor and Stout - two twins - the brother with certain distinctions. Malt liquor much heavier, dense, much more expressive. Stout is softer, more graceful, so to say.

When malt liquor appeared in Russia?

- If to look at Ekaterina Alekseevna and Peter I`s correspondence, then it is possible to tell with confidence that already then in Russia drank the British beer. Elizabeth Petrovna loved, so to say, the pro-British grades, and, perhaps, then already in Russia malt liquor appeared. Since 19th century it was everywhere widespread. For example, (1848) we learn from the statistical magazine of Samuel Morvud that wine and other strong types of drinks are offered to sale in big abundance at public fairs in different parts of the Russian Empire, and the London malt liquor is available almost each village. That is, beer rather seriously, first of all, thanks to an Anglomania of the high society was widespread: it was fashionable to drink beer. And therefore in literature of the 19th century you will see a malt liquor mention everywhere, even the type of pothouses under the name " appeared; Porternye . At first there were porterny shops where sold this drink, and then there were pothouses of a special class, it is slightly more prestigious, than traditional institutions.

As the situation with production of malt liquor today, including, in Russia is?

- Around the world the situation is not so well, and it is connected with withering of production of malt liquor which began even in World War I. Then raised excises on beer and entered, in particular, in Great Britain, economy on fuel. To prepare dark malt for brewers stalonevygodno, and malt liquor was replaced by light grades. In Russia World War I was marked by the Prohibition, and then a ban on production of a strong beer. And malt liquor was already by this time strong as we know.

Renewal of production of malt liquor in Russia began only in 30 - x years, in the Soviet Union. Then again war. Well and at the end of 40 - x years malt liquor revived. However was drink, as if we told today, exclusive: he could be met only in special places of Leningrad, for example, in the train Red arrow in the Hermitage, at the Maryinsky Theater or in " hotel; Astoria . And of course, malt liquor began to be made in Baltic. And then - in 1996 - the m - appeared to year a grade Baltic No. 6 " Malt liquor;. whether

Truth that Baltic No. 6 won prestigious international competitions, bypassing both England, and Belgium?

- Yes, of course. By and large, Six - it is the most titled grade of the Russian beer. It has more awards in professional competitions, than at any other beer. One of the last such competitions was World Beer Awards . It is carried out by the organization under the name CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale), these are such to the pivopuritena . They were organized in 1971 - m to year, the head - the beer activist Roger Protts. More prestigiously than an award we, perhaps, did not receive.

The matter is that CAMRA is the organization which purpose - revival, maintenance of traditional methods of brewing, return to sources. They very are skeptical about big breweries. The award from CAMRA - the highest extent of recognition, was more prestigious than nothing in principle. Six won first place in this competition in the category Baltic " malt liquor; and then in the category Malt liquors and stauta also entered the five of the best grades of the planet according to this version.

Such prestigious competitions not really - that much in the world is World Beer Awards Word Beer Cup European beer star . And everywhere Six received some awards.

How exactly judges of the international competitions estimate quality of beer?

- All competitions - different. But anyway beer is compared in various categories. The best beer in each subcategory or a class is compared then to winners of other subcategories. Also the best of the best comes to light, respectively. And tastings take place, of course, blindly: judges do not see a bottle, do not see a label which can influence perception in own way. In some competitions when at all color is not estimated, drink is brought in glasses, let us assume, from blue glass. That color did not influence impression.

Usually tasters give points for taste, aroma, completeness of taste, aftertaste. Certainly, the attention to balance, character existence, complexity of taste, quality is also paid Though it is rather amorphous concepts.

There is also a fundamental difference of tasting of beer from, say, wine. Wine as you know, during tasting do not drink, and spit out in a special bucket. With beer all in a different way - here aftertaste has the assessment too.

With what snack is better to use malt liquor?

- And again a stereotype... Here you love wine?

- Yes. Red.

- With what snack you love wine?. Agree, wine is not associated with snack. there is no

- why? At me, let us assume, is associated. I love red wine with a trout, honestly. It is very tasty. there is no

- it is not snack, this main course. That is you have not a snack wine on a trout, you wash down a trout with wine. there is no

-: here drank wine, and a small piece of a trout.

- In we wash representation it is necessary to have a snack hard liquors. Such strong, simple, national Cognac too, or whisky difficult some does not make sense to have a snack, say. The same concerns also beer.

If we speak about culture of drink, then in my understanding it is necessary to wash down with beer certain main courses. And if to speak about malt liquor, then, of course, it is a stake. If the bird, then, perhaps, is a duck. From simple snack various cheeses will approach, but also - desserts chocolate, vanilla. Meat in chocolate, as they say.

It is necessary only to descend in shop behind a small bottle of malt liquor and to enjoy its taste, remembering the gained new knowledge and recommendations for which we also thank Yu. V. Katunin, the founder of the website beercult. ru, collector of beer attributes and pivoputeshestvennik .