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To draw art symbols - history and development of Ascii - Art to draw art

symbols bewitched people since ancient times.

Cave people drew pictures symbols on walls of the dwellings ashes.

Thus, they immortalized the gods, animals and events of their life.

National handymen got for the whole lectures and aphorisms on the tiny stone seals which were very beautifully issued into Ancient China.

The hieroglyphic letter in the east allows to express the whole phrase a uniform graphic symbol.

And in the West there was other system: when words are formed from separate bricks - letters. Pluses of hieroglyphic writing - figurativeness and compactness, pluses of alphabetic writing - dynamism and universality.

In the 19th century origin of ASCII - an art of art which was shown in poetry in the form of the figured text - a kalligramma begins.

Kalligramma served as some link between two types of the letter. The word kalligramma the French poet Guillaume Apollinaire thought up.

It carried out part of the poems in the form of the images made of words that allowed to express a subject of poems, thereby, giving big space for flight of the creative human imagination.

This direction gradually gains steam, and already at the end of XIX among typists held a competition on the most original drawing executed by means of letters, figures, signs and symbols. With the advent of the computer in the middle of the XX century the hobby for drawings by means of symbols becomes more and more popular.

Pictures were carried out by the text by means of computer " symbols; / and / at which certain arrangement it is possible to create magnificent lines, equal and faltering, thereby, giving big space for implementation of human imaginations.

Origin of school of drawing by ASCII symbols - art (character graphics) begins with the advent of surprising reception which consists in combination of use of the symbol almost in full filling a cell (for example, $ symbol), to which imperceptible and smaller sign is added. This reception received the name - antialiasing .

Farther with complication and improvement of design skill of character graphics, there is a various color scale, for example, a set of sequences of symbols which allows not only to show the fine picture the text, and also to create effect of a blinking and the movement of signs.

So drawing the text learns to move under laws of animation and character graphics.

To draw art symbols gains the increasing popularity with development of social networks (Schoolmates, VKontakte and others), pictures the text is an excellent way to lighten mood, to congratulate on a holiday and even to express the emotions to the person dear to you.

Why people are attracted by drawings with symbols?

People use drawings symbols for a number of reasons. Here some of them.

1) It is the most universal type of computer art in the world -

each computer, the system is capable to display drawings symbols without transformation or the special software

2) ASCII of the schedule is compact, the size of drawings symbols is one hundred times less than the size of GIF or BMP files that gives them advantage before usual graphic formats.

3) It is simple - to copy it from one file in another (also, to cut out and insert).

4) It is interesting, fascinating and esthetically beautiful!

Drawings symbols is the universal remedy of communication urged to unite mankind, to break barriers of natural languages and frontiers. By means of pictures from symbols it is possible to communicate with people from any part of the globe, drawings symbols is language which is clear without the translation to the carrier of any language.