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You want to know the truth about reality?

Be going to hear the truth about today`s reality. Real fact: It is necessary to be the millionaire that though somehow to make ends meet .

what was considered as infinite wealth earlier - property for $1 000 000 - now is required to the majority of us, only to secure the family and to live quietly.

I Think that it is news if to penetrate into its essence has effect of an ice shower. However as duality is inherent in the world, there is also pleasant news. Today it became much simpler never to earn money ($1 000 000), than. The world passed through transformation stages from agriculture and industrial production in an information field.

the Main today`s goods - information, but not industrial goods. To make goods, cars, raw materials, fuel are necessary, it costs much and to collect it in uniform hands, time is required. By the way and profitability of such business is not so high - about 30%.

to make information - is necessary only the head. And everyone has it. Thus, all of us possess means of production. That is by definition have to be the rich. That not so. The reason is simple - not ability to use tools properly. How to learn them to use? The answer is simple too - training.

And is meant training not just commission of some actions, trainings, training courses, reading literature. Training is a system from the consecutive actions connected among themselves directed to achievement of a certain result for a certain period.

However things are right where they started. What disturbs? And disturbs as it is not paradoxically again the same head which everyone has. More true brain. So-called Woe from Wit . In accordance with the circumstances the births - we Russians and in it partly our tragedy. Mentality of Russian - ineradicable belief in a miracle.

of Examples is a lot of - By magic, on my volition Goldfish Fad gorbunok To Troy from a chest etc. We got used since the childhood that all our problems to be solved by itself as if on magic. Especially as conditions for this purpose were, our parents, someone from us, found time when it was not necessary to think and be responsible for the life. Everything was solved by communist party. Communism victory with their utopian idea of general welfare for free (bread the worker, the earth to peasants ) could get accustomed only in a head at people sacredly trusting in a miracle.

So, identification of a problem, already its decision half. What it? This sweet word - a freebie. And from it it does not detsya anywhere - it is our Russian essence.

Freebie, miracle, magic, magic, luck, good luck. All these words in the context of money, synonyms. And they reflect our true essence. Let`s try to start training.

So, the first. Belief in a miracle. And is it really bad? Reading various burzhuinsky literature you find many councils about dream, about belief in achievement of the purpose, even trainings are provided about it. The western person is pragmatic and to believe in a miracle to him it is necessary to overcome itself. We do not need it - it is at us in blood. Therefore the first training stage we passed

automatically. And here we are waited by the main trap. If we sincerely believe that our purposes are achievable what grandiose (miracle) they would not be, then and their implementation self-evident. By itself - t. e independently, without our participation (miracle).

I begins a stupor here. If burzhuin having hardly overcome itself and having believed in approachibility of the dream, possesses skills of independent work, then the Russian this skill never trained. It at it is absent as superfluous.

B it main difference us and Western world. We can make a miracle - as we trust in it, but is not able to make a miracle in industrial volumes. The West makes usual things, but in large volumes and does it effectively. Therefore a quantitative ratio of rich people not in our advantage.

I second - to learn to duplicate a miracle. It is difficult to force the person to jump on 2 meters in height at once if he never came off the earth more than 30 cm. Training is required.