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But whether it is time to become the greedy person?

Citizens, brothers and sisters, dear friends! Since the childhood to us meanly lay that it is a shame to love money. It`s not true. It is not a shame to love money, and on the contrary - it is pleasant and good. The main thing - to learn to love them correctly. However the most active propagandists of the fact that to love money - it is a shame and it is bad, are Guess who? Correctly, employers. They sing sweet songs that the good person by all means has to be a disinterested person.

To Work for money?! Never! The professional is obliged to serve the pure idea which is not burdened with any dirty notes - with pathos owners of the companies exclaim, selflessly assuming all blow of harmful financial streams. And this chorus of an era of regular management is amicably echoed by the consultants and personnel officers knowing by heart as what ways it is possible to force ingenuous employees to work for free absolutely. Or, as a last resort, for a third of the price.

Owners of the largest jugs of the country dictate to recruiters convenient rules of staff recruitment. And those obediently go on to the dumbfounded applicants: It is absolutely indecent to ask during the first interview about the future salary. Behave grandly as at a formal dinner party at future mother-in-law, that is, wait when offer you. Very much show disgust for yellow metal and the increased readiness to work only for the sake of professional growth .

Here pipes! Even the romantic Heinrich Heine wrote: Experience - good school, but the best school - the fee . For money it is necessary, besides - it is just necessary to fight. And first of all, for own money. But put this difficult. For a start just admit to yourself and others that you want to be rich. Or, at least, agree that the wealth will not prevent you at all. And right after it begin to work on yourself strenuously.

Igor Vagin, author of the famous book Have money. Wealth psychology considers that all Russian rich men without exception are distinguished by one quality. You know what? These people can earn joking, and it is also easy to leave profit, to invest, spend. But they are shipped in this process without contempt for money. On the contrary, they frankly love money. They plan earnings with the same anticipation, as well as the appointments, and then gently recalculate the received notes and carefully store them. Once the rich person did not regret to soil hands and expensive coat to lift ruble from a pool. For it even a small coin - value. And the one who begins to get a light from notes or to declare the negligence to money even if it only peacockery, quickly loses the capital .

the Hero of the popular novel was right when it said that the population has hundred ways of rather fair depriving of money. For this purpose it is not even necessary to visit the underground millionaire with a compromising evidence suitcase. It is rather simple to force the neighbor to work on you free of charge. But consider

that you can easily appear such neighbor also. Because the person ready to direct to common cause all efforts and to work only for promises, - dream of any employer. Such naive and ingenuous good-natured persons in offices and corporations are sincerely loved, but not respected at all, and gathered in the most swinish way. And here the mercenary squabblers ready for a penny to exhaust own director in court, though do not love, but respect and extremely seldom deceive. Here also choose

that is more expensive to you - own wellbeing or gentle love of the chief.

at the same time ways to induce the employee to do something for firm is free - one million. The dexterous manipulator can try to wound your professional self-esteem. How? Elementary. You will be told about the new tremendous project and - as if, by the way - will notice that it to you for certain too hard. It is ready, the bait is swallowed, and here you already stick very much, trying to prove the professional coolness.

This high-profile case will give you the chance to prove and show what you are capable " of; - entice others an opportunity to flash talent . Here to you one more ideal way to cheat the ambitious expert.

Third will whisper that your colleagues will just die of envy when they learn what responsible business is entrusted to you. The fourth will try to beat on pity and will tearfully ask to help the good, but poor people who got to the real trouble with investments of millions. The fifth will begin to kindle your curiosity diligent: We decided to devote you in confidential business. Consider, this information only for you . You will face a unique case - the next applicant presses on feeling of the importance. And it, notice, not the full list of attempts to use the expert for free .

the Victim of manipulators which create wealth others hands at least was once everyone. But there is one universal magic formula which quickly puts dexterous partners and employers into place. It sounds so: Sorry, but I work only for money . If it is inconvenient to you to be so frank, add to the justification: Because I swore it to the father (senseyu, to the psychoanalyst, the financial adviser, children) . Also feel at the same time not practical burn out, but the noble fighter for justice and the pioneer participating in a civilization of domestic labor market. you Tell

to the recruiters persuading you to go voluntarily to serf corvee that belonging to professional community and solidarity with it does not allow you to receive less than other experts of your level receive.

Turn to sweet promises of the interlocutor and his attempt to move to pity you, to intrigue or suppress a deaf ear. At the same time smile, scatter assurances of personal sympathy, but... And never do anything free of charge.

your professional work has to be paid. It is absolutely normal. Besides - under this law there lives the whole world.