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What qualities are necessary to succeed in business?

As testify statistics, about about 45% of small businesses come to grief in the first one - two years after the basis. From other party, tens of thousands of owners of small and medium business suddenly become millionaires.

In what a success secret? What is necessary to succeed in business?

Should not worry that, perhaps, you possess not all qualities necessary for success in business in advance. You remember: you can improve some qualities on specialized trainings and seminars.

Only the main and necessary qualities which those who decided to base the business have to possess are given in this article:

Ability to make sensible decisions

Business for certain will be failure if it is headed by people who are not able to make sensible decisions. This ability, as a rule, comes with experience and knowledge accumulated earlier. Ability to make sensible decisions is understood also as ability to define a problem, to dismember it on smaller tasks and to start the step-by-step decision.

Excellent knowledge of that sphere in which you work or you are going to work

In order that business was successful, the head has to have special knowledge in this or that field of activity. You should not begin business in that sphere in which you, to put it mildly, swim. Before opening own business, it is necessary to work already certain time in this sphere, to gain experience, contacts. For opening of own business it is not obligatory to be the expert at all, and only to possess basic knowledge and desire to work and develop further, studying something new already on the course.

Self-confidence When you only begin with

business, for you, as a rule, nobody is necessary, you should begin alone. For this reason you by all means have to be self-assured, the forces, you have to be able to make independently difficult decisions and to be responsible for their consequences. Remember that our doubts and uncertainty also affect success of any enterprise. Quite it can turn out so that you feel self-confidence, but in some one certain sphere, to move this confidence and to other spheres of life including on business, special trainings will help.

Ability to organize itself and employees

For success in business considerable value also the self-discipline of the head, ability to gather and perform work in time, ability to constrain the rushes to take and arrange one more day off has. In business there are always those things which require constant attention from the head, and if to leave them indifferently, something will be just missed. If under your beginning subordinates work, you have to be able also organize these people.

Ability to direct

was not noticed that it is possible to be the great performer, but the useless head? And why so occurs, did not reflect? Yes because not everyone possesses leadership skills, and not everyone is able to direct, trying to obtain harmonious successful work.

Creative approach

It is possible, to you all did something in one certain way, but for certain will be much more successful which will help to save more time and money?!

Ability to rely on itself

If you cannot rely on yourself, then on whom else then? You have to be able to set before yourself the purposes, and by all means to reach them independently and by means of your subordinates.