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How to organize independent travel it is cheap and interesting?

What can be more interesting, than trips on the new cities and the countries, acquaintance to culture and sights of different corners of the planet? You did not think of this question? And in vain. Because there can be only a fascinating travel organized and planned independently, taking into account own preferences and opportunities more interestingly, not depending on standard conditions of tour operator. It is the type of rest, unique by the opportunities, allowing to receive the mass of pleasant impressions and to enjoy wholly free time.

So if you plan independent travel, then this article - for you.

After you select for yourself the destination, there is one of important questions of the forthcoming trip: and where there to live? Everything depends on individual requirements to housing and on the travel purpose. Someone will want to lodge far away from vanity of the central streets and to enjoy silence in inexpensive apartments. And someone will prefer to be closer to sights, to the center of the noisy megalopolis wholly to experience a rhythm and dynamics of this fussing life.

Anyway the optimal solution - hotel booking. HotelResearch is the most favorable to use at the same time special metasearchers, for example. ru. This searcher compares the prices of hotels on such booking systems of hotels as booking. com, hotels. com, hrs. to com and several tens more large systems. The metasearcher is capable to analyse in the shortest possible time everything the options which are available in the leading systems and to provide to the user the most favorable offers on the necessary price and conditions. Besides, the metasearcher provides at least twice the bigger choice of hotels, than a usual booking system. For example, in HotelResearch. ru in base of 250 thousand hotels, and in the same booking. com - 105 thousand

you dream to see Paris, to live in is mute slowly to enjoy the atmosphere of this amazing city? No problem. It is possible to reserve hotel in Paris: you press a button and you choose suitable option!

Or perhaps you decided to travel all over all France, without being limited only to its capital? In that case hotel booking of France will help you not to worry about, where to settle in the next city, and to fully enjoy a trip and impressions, without wasting time for searches of a roof over the head.

Services of the metasearcher are favorable in every respect!

One more question, significant for the traveler: by what transport to reach the destination? The most popular and fast is, of course, air flight. In this case it is necessary to get acquainted with tariffs for services of various airlines. Here only time for independent searches and the analysis of financial side of a question will leave much

If to you needs the cheap air ticket in optimum terms, there is fine exit - to find and order air tickets online. On the website AviaSales. ru it is possible to use convenient search which is carried out on 728 airlines! Besides, there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the cost of the air tickets found other users in the last 48 hours.

And that it was not necessary to look for feverishly air tickets in recent days, it is necessary to be engaged in it beforehand. For example, on the website such service as a subscription to mailing of aviasales is provided - every day you will obtain fresh information on air flights on low prices. It will allow to monitor the prices of the necessary direction and to choose for itself an optimal variant. AviaSales. ru - an excellent way to save time and money!

The question of movement in vacation spots also is not less actual for independent travel. Most of all pleasant impressions it is possible to receive, having used not public transport, but the car. It will allow to dispose of the time at own discretion, to be mobile and to see much more interesting places. On pleasure to such independent tourists, abroad not a problem to hire the car. Only it is the most reliable to address for services in lease of cars in the checked companies.

However, in such companies of the price is higher and requirements are more tough: the age is not younger than 21 years, at itself it will be necessary to have the passport, any insurance, the driver`s license of the international sample, the international credit card However, in different parts of the world there are nuances of requirements both to the tenant, and to operation of transport which need to be studied attentively in advance. It will save you from unpleasant surprises.

The most popular and convenient method in Europe - booking of the suitable car on the Internet, for example, on the website Traveljigsaw. ru. At the same time some companies demand to contribute advance payment for the first day of rent, and sometimes and an overall cost. Depending on a class this sum fluctuates from 25 to 80 euros a day. The cost of the cars leased after arrival to the country often is higher, than reserved in advance. It is the best of all to issue a reservation at least a month before a trip. And depending on a season the prices are raised and fall, but if you reserved the car beforehand, then you will use it at the price of the booking moment.

So, we will sum up the results:

of HotelResearch. ru - booking of hotel;

of AviaSales. ru - booking of air tickets;

of Traveljigsaw. ru - a car rental.

Also be not upset if it was not succeeded to make a detailed plan of rest, often spontaneous travel turns out much more nasyshchenny more interestingly. And in it its charm. Pleasant trip and unforgettable impressions!