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To grow thin or postroynet?

the Author of article - not just the psychotherapist and the developer of the latest concept of weight reduction, but also the former fat man who tested everything delights weight in 128 kg personally on.

Presently information expanse, apparently, should not be deficiency of useful information including about healthy food. As if not so!

The sea of resources is offered not just antiscientific, but sometimes also by dangerous ways to grow thin, lose weight guzzling without diets and efforts etc. In any case resources in the Network? Quite to themselves the diplomaed gynecologists (and at times even endocrinologists) appoint at obesity 2 degrees meridiya preparations, a reduksin at once (a sibratmina a hydrochloride), and it is the most powerful preparations of the central action which often cause violations of mood and in general have very many contraindications. And it is unconditional, there are cases when they are necessary, but appoint such preparations everything, without analysis! And nothing is said that first of all it is necessary to change the way of life, to change the eating habits. Also do not say that after cancellation of preparations weight can return

Hunting on suckers proceeds, accepting more and more sophisticated and sometimes pseudoscientific ways. That we do not see only here: and food selection by birth (actually, pure platseboterapiya), and development optimum diets by means of filling of questionnaires on the Internet (well of course not without sending of a two-three of SMS, worth from 499 to 800 rubles everyone), and single codings and other heresy which is bought willingly by the stout, lazy, and trusting in a miracle people.

Whether it is so possible to grow thin actually once and for all, never any more coming back to originally high weight any more? And in general: how to grow thin?

All the matter is that to grow thin and it is not necessary! It is necessary to slim! To become happy, harmonous, healthy, to get healthy eating habits. And it is not a word-play and not phrase-mongering. In our words that force which too strongly influences our life is covered that to ignore it. As often I should hear: I want to lose weight. Always I ask: and you do not want to LOSE a purse? Some watch how on the madman, without understanding at all what I speak about. And I speak about truly magic influence of words on our subconsciousness. It grabs not only sense of all phrase, but also sense of each separate word. For this reason words and phrases: to lose weight, to grow thin - have to become the forbidden words for those who want to achieve stable results, but not temporary.

Linguistics - a thing great, and the whole direction of psychotherapy is, based on influence of words on subconsciousness (NLP), but it, of course, for a postroyneniye it is not enough. What is necessary still? Condition of love. Not necessarily in someone, it is even the best of all - in itself. Love have to be true, but not false. To love itself only through food - both it is criminal, and is guilty. Around us there are so much pleasures, and life at all only one. It is necessary to come off the refrigerator and kitchen and to see the world in all its variety, to give itself magic pendel and to pull out itself at last in theater or on a concert (chur, in buffet not to hang!), to buy the ticket at cinema, or to buy skates and to descend with the child on a skating rink (and you often spent all the time together?) or all together to undertake sortie in bowling.

Options - weight! There would be a desire to begin to produce serotonin by means of healthy pleasures. At fat men the vicious circle - a zazhevyvaniye of problems is formed, the devil-may-care attitude to itself leads to study only of one way of receiving pleasure - through food, kotorayaprivodit to formation of excess weight. And the excess weight in itself is the reason of a set of complexes which do healthy pleasures inaccessible. Here also remains only that is and is... to love cakes or fat food.

No if the sparkle of love to itself absolutely did not go out yet, then it is necessary pervo - napervo... to take the handle and a notebook! Yes, handle and notebook. In the beginning to write the list of the useful pleasures (which are not connected with food, alcohol) which you you will enter into a diet soon. Concrete dates and concrete pleasures. Probe everything in advance, but having written down, surely carry out! Because if records will disperse from reality, then it will be one more deception. Whether not too often you deceived yourself? Perhaps it is worth stopping this practice and to begin to love really itself?

Having planned useful sources of production of serotonin, we start formation of the healthy nutrition. In - the first, we cancel all hunger strikes and diets. Now only the healthy balanced diet, and the word DIET forever leaves a lexicon.

So what principles of a balanced diet?

It first of all food at least 3 times a day, at most 8 times a day. The recommendation it is OBLIGATORY to eat each 4 hours does not maintain any criticism as such rhythm suits not everyone, and attempt to follow this rhythm, despite of objective circumstances, will bring in result to formation of a stress and to the increased appetite! - take out

But 3 times a day yes vylozh! Fans will miss breakfasts (and lunches) shocked, of course, but if to love themselves, then is competent! By the way, the glass of freshly squeezed juice can be a breakfast too, and it is not obligatory at once to begin to have breakfast at full scale !

Besides these measures it is necessary to keep the diary of food. It frightens many, it stops many. But all essence is that without objective control for eaten it is impossible to control the diet. And attempt to consider by eye will surely lead to increase in portions, to to a razzhor . (And at the same time and diets of competent food) it is possible to look at examples of food diaries here.

Further it is necessary to refuse meal less than in 4 hours prior to a night dream. It will turn out easily when you begin to eat rhythmically and properly. Many basic principles of our concept of food are stated here: SYSTEM of RETURN of NORMAL EATING HABITS.

Carrying out everything, you just with surprise will notice how you begin to change! We are what we eat! And often we eat a zhirnyatina, synthetics, and any carcinogens as we rabbits peck on hypnotic advertizing of sweets and mucks. And it is worth changing, it is worth beginning to put on not that climbs and what really is pleasant! It is worth feeling healthy and light on the feet, not to disappear and be protected, and to fly and jump! As once in one children`s dream It is possible to observe the course of these changes, reading messages of our clients at a forum.

I sincerely wish to each person to find a path to MYSELF, to the real feelings and hobbies. And to live qualitatively, we have only one attempt