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English - means of achievement of the purpose?

Today I will concern one important subject playing a significant role in achievement of success in any activity. It is statement of the purposes . In the beginning we will be defined that it is meant the purpose. The purpose - a desirable state which we want to reach. That is the purpose directs us, prompts that should be corrected when we make mistakes. Each mistake - a step aside from a way which conducts us to the purpose. It turns out that without it it is impossible to achieve real success. In the beginning the purpose is set, steps of its achievement and means of achievement undersign. Then it is possible to realize the purpose.

How it belongs to studying of English? Yes as well as to any other kind of activity. Before to be engaged in something, it is necessary to set to himself the object. Let`s look what purposes are set by the people who are trained in English:

For work (negotiations, business trips, business correspondence etc.) .

For travel.

For training abroad (for example, at foreign institute).

For departure on the PERMANENT RESIDENCE to other country.

For reading foreign literature.

For communication both in the Network, and in real life.

It is the most widespread purposes which people to themselves set. At the same time it is necessary to understand that when the person studies English, he will be able to use it and on travel, will be able to read books and to communicate. Therefore an important point is allocation of a main goal for the sake of which language is learned. I will note that under studying of English an opportunity to read, write, hear is supposed, to speak and think fluently in this language. Only in this case the person can tell that he knows language.

So, you chose the purpose. But here it is necessary to understand that irrespective of the chosen purpose English is the means allowing to achieve your objectives. That is training in itself in English is not the purpose! Should noting

that to learn English, it is necessary to practice its use often. And it should find part of free time. Many people wishing to learn language complain of its shortcoming. But you purposeful person? Describe your day as when you do. Write in detail. After that look and try to clean what hinders the achievement of your purpose. Thus, you will be able to reveal all traps of time. For example, instead of going to shop every other day, it is possible to go 1 time and to buy products for a week.

The following step is the choice of effective English language courses. Courses are effective only when the result of training exceeds expenses temporary and monetary. The result has to be visible already in the course of training . When the person studies and sees that he can use the knowledge acquired in the course of training, he studies with pleasure! And when the person forgets the knowledge gained last month owing to what he cannot use them, he wants to give up occupations.

And in it there is a sense. Why in vain to spend the time? By the way, therefore there was a stereotype that to learn a foreign language, it is necessary to study more than five years. It is incorrect.

And the last that should be made for achievement of a goal - to move forward. Do not drag out process of the training. You study for the sake of a specific goal, and English - all - only means of its achievement. If you spend a great lot of time for learning of theoretical rules, and return from it will not be, change courses. You always have to have a progress.

The short summary under article:

1) Define for yourself a main goal for the sake of which you learn English.

2) Eliminate all hindrances which disturb you in achievement of this purpose.

3) Choose the most effective courses.

4) you Study for the sake of the purpose, but not for the sake of the process of training.

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Employee of the center of Applied education

Alexey Hasbiulin