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How to make friends with the money?

should be forgotten So far that long ago it is time to treat teeth (the prices bite, but the situation is inevitably aggravated) that the kitchen tearfully asks very long ago repair that the TV hardly breathes that new is necessary to children the computer. By itself, and on a coat to postpone for holiday again it did not turn out

A should be lost for some period of regular receipt of finance - and problems with monthly payments will turn our life into a real nightmare. Items of expenditure, one another more urgently, will accrue and will stick as a snowball.

The charter after the long tiresome working day, estimating the budget for the next month, we think again and again of that how many plans and ideas would be desirable to embody in reality But between us and our dreams there is an eternal problem of limitation of financial opportunities again and again. Attempts to save on inevitable expenditure and to consider each kopek of problems for some reason do not solve in any way. However at everything at the same time practically each sane person would wish to provide the comfortable future and himself, both the children, and grandsons - great-grandsons.

And what is told by statistics? When we reach 60 - summer age, 90% from us continue to work to ensure at least a living wage and not to appear below the poverty line. And only about 10% of men and women can recognize themselves financially independent. Only 1% of the Russian population can call the rich.

We want that or not, but in the modern world money - a criterion of success and wellbeing of the person. And we ask a question: Why? Why to one people money as water, flow the river, and others earn by heavy work, but money instantly escapes through fingers. They it is cleverer, than we? Work more? Lucky? Minions of fortune? Or perhaps they know certain special principles of communication with money?

Here - that is also covered the answer. Most of people since the childhood got used to think that money is given only by back-breaking persistent toil that it is necessary to fight for them constantly that for the sake of material welfare it is necessary to work, without cease, without raising the head and to save painfully. Such is mentality of the poor person which either has always not enough money or not at all. And if appear (for example, in the form of an unexpected prize), then are quickly dullly completely squandered. It turns out that the person himself creates to himself life in which the eternal economic crisis reigns.

Means, the reason of difficulties which the person constantly meets in the world of finance, - in the psychological sphere, in the relation to money, in lack of information. How with it to be?

All rich people know that it is necessary to be respectful to money, and then they very quickly will begin to reciprocate to you. If you make friends with them, will understand that they submit to very simple laws and rules, will begin to act differently, change some habits of the handling of the money, then you easily learn to be well off and will find desirable financial stability.

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