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The ban of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour


and Forbidden - is desired.

of l Apple only then is sweet - when it zapretno. p Forbidding

- we distance.

p The is more than bans - the worse them execution.

p the Ban causes a protest and aspiration to do what lock -


p Instead of a ban should create the conditions excluding proyav -

leny what needs to be forbidden.

p the Person should not forbid to arrive badly, and to create such

conditions that it was unprofitable to it.

p Inaction - is better than a ban.

p Encouragement of a bad act sometimes causes less desire

it to repeat, than will lock. z The more the person forbids

, the more often he is forced to forgive.

That reduces its loud not permissions to an empty phrase.

pz the Ban generates negative reaction, belief - on -


p the Effective personal example yields the best result, than for - prt

. and At those who abuse bans it is easier for

to receive more simply -

of scientific research institute.

pz is silly to forbid obviously forgiven. In this situation there is

a sense to express the negative opinion and it is noble to resolve,

referring to kindness.

pz Removal of bans sets the teeth on edge on earlier unlawful.

and Often a ban generates inaction.

and When impose to us - we do not want if do not allow - -

we bark.

p People, - seek to do that are that to them is forbidden and do not wish to do that are that to them is recommended. p Forbidding someone to make

bad, we only still pain -

she provoke it to it, our indifference normalizes everything.

But if to the fool lasting to bad, very skillfully with the opera -

zheniy, persuasive to recommend it, it can lose to not -

mu interest.

and the Person and trifles does not allow others from this - that affords.


z the self-preservation Instinct - induces the person to entrain others.

z to secure and convince itself of correctness of the chosen course of life of people seeks to agitate more supporters and to surround itself with them.

kp Eloquence and an example - parents of influence.

pv At first it is necessary to learn to influence people caress - and then


p Before trying to obtain something severity, it is necessary to try

tenderness and kindness.

and the Person who has serious plans for the future, work -

it to something to incline.

and Gross forms of communication in a showdown are simpler

and are clear.

and Silly people even at desire are incapable to find out to an otnosha -

a niya in a civilized way and can influence someone, only resorting

to scandals and a fight.

p Working on itself, it is necessary to try to obtain to be able intelligibly to convey

information. p If in you independence has not enough

and you are subject to influence,

main - to connect the life with positive people. Wasps -

a novny figure, of course, is the spouse.

and Than easier the child gives in to education of parents, especially

is probable its getting under influence of other people.

p One person cannot strongly affect the world. But it is better out of -

of a sta the particle, than to remain absolutely third-party nablyu -

the giver.

and Reproaching - we distance. and Advising

- we irritate.

p should be not forced the Person - and to direct.

p Positive influence on others - is a civic duty.

p to influence the person - be convincing.

z is one person easier to affect through feelings - than through reason.

and Great people in centuries influence us sometimes stronger, than contemporaries.

and Influence of parents on children comes to an end - when children understand that they, such as all.

and Hardly on the savage it is possible to work intelligent speeches.

p to influence the child, is necessary that he did not notice - that you the adult.

in Influencing the person through fear and force - we in reply receive hatred, through good - love and respect.

and is easy to influence the person through hope.

and Something does not convince so the person - as own reasonings.

and If the person considers that he to it from something can become bad -

to it it becomes bad.

and As far as the person is subject to any influence, it is possible to judge by extent of silly following to fashion.

p it is necessary to influence children not the power - and an example.

d People are under the influence of instincts, defects, passions, desires, hobbies

and there is a false opinion that bad people - nasty influence all.

and Bad people, are capable to affect badly - only on silly and weak-willed.

and the Strong-willed and reasonable person, communicating with bad people seeing visually negativity of their behavior - begins to find in similar qualities and to eradicate, becoming better.

and having Only understood bad people - we can understand as with them to behave as this unfortunate to help and influence them positively.

p it is necessary to Influence people not the power and by force, but knowledge, ubezh -

a deniye, explanations and a personal example. p it is easy for

to Forbid, a lot of mind and time for this purpose is not necessary. Raz -

the yasneniye demands laborious, long, intelligent work,

but only it can bring due result.

p it is possible to influence people only through the fact that they are capable to comprehend


p If you want to help the person who very few people understands and therefore lives incorrectly, at first it is necessary to communicate to it in those areas in which his understanding is better. Having earned at it authority, it is possible to pass to subjects, more difficult for it, gradually. If each normal citizen in society takes on a tow at least one such difficult person, and is not excluded that at the same time, taking some benefit for itself, then our society will be much better and in prisons of people will be reduced.

in Only the person knowing psychology can skillfully influence

of people.

and Impression are greased with vanity.

d Impression - aggravates memory.

d Everything once becomes ordinary.

of l And naked steppe can make impression - if shows off.

and Persuasiveness - a language support.

and Any hostility to lie is not capable to eclipse desire to give ponderability and credibility to our speeches.

yu Passed those times when operated people through fear - now for this purpose began to use hope.

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