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Who lives in Russia? National structure of

Russia - not the state. Russia - the Universe! How many in it climates, how many the people, how many languages, customs and beliefs .

the Most reliable portrait gave census of fall of 2002. It was carried out in 13 years after previous that allows to see the direction of shifts.

The kernel of Russians decreased a little. In their 1959 there were in RSFSR 83,3%, in 1989 81,5%, in 2002 79,8%. The main reason - the increased mortality and low birth rate of Russians. This reduction for years of reform would become much more serious, but compensated it feed the Russian kernel from two sources. Very many Russians from the republics of the former USSR returned to Russia. The most part of children from mixed marriages after collapse of the USSR decided to write down at census itself as Russians.

Also for these years there were changes in the list of the ethnic categories families of the people . 68 new categories, from them 22 " were added to the list; independent that is, not entering a big related community. For example, from Tatars Kryashens and Mishars, the Siberian Tatars and nagaybak were allocated. In Udmurtia about 8 thousand Besermyans were revealed. In the south of Russia in some settlements to 80% of inhabitants registered as Cossacks. And in Arkhangelsk the people who declared themselves Pomors even wrote the letter to the president with a request for recognition of the separate people. In 1989 in the USSR the list from 800 ethnic self-names was offered people, and their answers were grouped in 128 nationalities. Now in Russia from the same list 183 groups turned out.

Quite big group of residents of Russia is a little anxious with a problem of their nationality, 10 - 15% found it difficult to define it, and 1% - refused. Among them there were so-called representatives fantastic nationalities.

Burkinets, irkuta, atygiyets, chuchmek, Muscovites, Slavs, Inca, Papuans and many other, in total more than 430 unique names occurred among the invented people.

According to some mass media referring and on Goskomstat, in Russia live and fantastic sredizemets - elves and hobbits, and also " observe the cultural and religious traditions; Jedis - newcomers from space, Scythians, Babylonians, Romans and other representatives long ago the disappeared people. Martians there are several hundreds.

And you know who lives near you?