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Ideal picture of education. What would we want from school? Part 2

Training Process - accumulation of data is not simple. It is process of understanding and opening of new, best ways to work .

(L. Ron Hubbard, the philosopher, the writer, the author of the effective technology of training used by the centers of Applied Education)

(Continuation, the beginning - in this article.)

3) to be able to create and develop groups (including a family). The skills and knowledge which are available in this area at school now did not leave further ability to create oktyabryatsky asterisks. And as practice shows - the created firms too often collapse, and the percent of stains approaches 50%. It is accident for a civilization. And besides - if high school teachers have no exact and working for 100% theory, does not mean yet that there are no laws of development and creation of groups.

4) to be able to improve the life to be successful. At school do not even stammer at this subject. Teachers work as are able. Progress improves or worsens by itself. Any ideas, except it is necessary to learn more at school do not know. And the more so there do not know - how to lift production in the real organization or in firm. Cannot teach school students - that should be done to become succeeding in life. It is necessary not only to future heads, but those who wants to be SUCCESSFUL (the driver, the mechanic, the seller...) . It is clear, that which - who does not want anything at all. But such it is not enough and they can be not taken into account. Present - as society will change if graduates of schools know - how to succeed in life - and the majority will begin to apply this knowledge!

5) to be able it is good to communicate and by means of communication to settle problems, to be able to understand other people and it is clear to state the thoughts. Very useful skills! It is unlikely will argue with me that them the small number of people fully owns. Teachers - not an exception. A subject such - Communication - at school never was. Write to FGOS that pupils have to seize in some degree this skill. But how? During just visit of school... Calculation approximately same as though attending school pupils without textbooks on mathematics, without lessons, without story about the theory and without practice in the solution of mathematical examples SUDDENLY would become mathematics!

6) surely to know fundamentals of natural sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, astronomy). No comments. Or almost without... Graduates have to know BASES (bases!) SURELY. It is much more important, than what occurs now - in the school program too many SPECIAL data on mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology for some reason give. And surely some insignificant percent of winners of the Olympic Games knows these data. I assure you - these units can gain this knowledge if it is necessary to them, and out of school! It is not necessary to deceive himself the fact that, having stuffed scientific difficulties in the school program, it is possible to achieve rise in the GENERAL scientific literacy. Just look in newspapers - in everyone print a horoscope and comments of astrologers. Except, of course, AN Bulletin of the Russian Federation . Only his readers of 100% are sure of unscientific nature of horoscopes. If graduates surely KNEW fundamentals of natural sciences, horoscopes would cease to enjoy popularity.

7) to know fundamentals of history and literature. Here I can add only that literature - huge property and what from there to choose - business very difficult. And history, unfortunately, very many time corresponded, and in any textbook it is easy to see personal addictions of the author of the textbook. Therefore I - just for knowledge of the fundamentals of history. Without party estimates.

8) is good to know 2 - 3 languages (including native). Besides - it is good to

to know. The strange situation is now observed - ALL learn foreign at school and very few people receive less well and cannot connect several words for some reason often even university graduates. This huge downtime, nerves and means.

9) to know the bases of the economy and legislations. It is clear, that laws and economy were MADE too difficult. But graduates have to know bases.

10) the nobility how to raise and raise children that they grew up healthy, clever, happy and successful. These data became very important with reduction of number of children in families. It is too much around inconsistent councils on this subject.

11) to know traffic regulations and it is good to drive the car. Perhaps, this skill now is even more important than knowledge of mathematics. At least, drivers it is already much bigger, than mathematicians. It is already time to consider it in an education system.

12) to be able to work at the computer and to use the Internet. Here, which - what progress is. But children perfectly are able to PLAY, and here to use very many, almost useful, programs units can. And it is THEIR merit as most of pupils could interest in schools in nothing except toys for some reason.

13) to be able to use different (main) household and office devices. It as final idea.

Ya I recognize from the fact that the school has to create the NEW civilization, more competent, more successful healthier. Perhaps, this idea will seem to much revolutionary - the existing situation almost suits all - teachers how many I remember, complain of a low wage and a lack of attention and respect, parents abuse school for shortcomings, school students turn into idlers, addicts, alcoholics and hooligans. In total it seems at business, all are busy with something and what result? The continuing degradation of society at obvious technical progress.

the Most interesting that what I describe it is not just good wishes or a utopia - it is the projects which are already realized in practice and it is a lot of years the schools existing in many countries. It is possible to get acquainted with them alive. It is possible to estimate results of their work. To communicate to graduates. Founders of these schools do not do a secret of the progress and ways of their achievement.

Why their experience does not take root into all schools? Perhaps heads of education have no time to come off numerous papers and projects, maybe, they do not own skills of an assessment of information, maybe, the order nobody gave them corresponding...

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Kazarinov Igor Vladislavovich,

tutor of Applied Education