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Wireless English or How to learn language without textbooks?

What most often prevents to learn to us language?

Bad memory - is not present. Lack of money - is not present. The bad technique of teaching - is not present.

The most common cause - lack of time . Big load at work, irregular working hours, business trips, courses on professional development. All this demands time. But there is a wish to be in time to communicate even after work with the family and friends, to sit in cafe behind a coffee cup, to descend on fitness to keep good physical shape, to watch the movie at movie theater, to run in shop. When all this to be in time and how to organize life so that for everything there was enough time?

But let`s look at it from such party. The knowledge of English is necessary everywhere. It becomes already just a necessity and an integral part of successfully constructed business relations. Without language it is much more difficult to find well paid work now; the fellow worker who knows language better has more chances to go to business trip or to business negotiations; the knowledge of language expands opportunities in trips; sometimes the knowledge of English allows to find the soulmate and to construct a happy family.

And need for knowledge of English grows day after day. Who does not teach it today, loses the chances of successful career tomorrow.

All - it is necessary to change something and, perhaps, to place priorities in life in a different way.

1. Formulate a main objective - for what you need language and where you want to use it. Write down it.

2. Then decide for yourself that you really want to learn English.

3. Now it is necessary to develop steps as this purpose to reach. Make the list of all affairs which took your time after work. Leave only those points which help you with achievement of the purpose on studying of language, having rejected all those affairs which take away from this purpose.

Here we also found a little time.

And now things are easy - to choose courses which suit you in every respect.

Now the choice of English courses is simply huge. But one of important points to which it is necessary to pay attention at the choice of a language course is intensity of occupations .

It is desirable to give to studying of language not less than 9 hours a week that from them at least 6 to spend for speaking most. The key to success is of the practician here .

Now there were more perfect techniques and technologies of studying of languages. Also is even such which allows to learn English without textbooks . All program is broken into stages - from initial (for those who did not learn English or taught another) to free colloquial English.

Each stage has accurately definite purpose (what vocabulary you will know by the end of level what times will be sorted how many grammatical designs are brightened).

Feature of nominal this technique in that, the program included only those fundamental elements grammars which are really used by in the English speech, and are a language basis. I would even tell so that it is LIVE data, i.e. such which you can use at once and which have practical application.

The separate element, for example, the phrase undertakes, - and it is at once fulfilled in real-life communication. Need to cram, paste over the apartment and clothes with stickers with names of things in English disappears. When the piece of material is sorted to understanding, it is just fixed in practice to ease in use. And all this is acquired just because you understood and made it the, and not just wrote down in memory as at the automatic machine.

Become interested in the approach described above in studying of English I invite to visit a free fact-finding lesson at which you will be able to see and feel efficiency of this technology!

Deputy director of the center of Applied Education

Marin Shevchenko