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What drinks are most useful?

Nothing can replace completely need of our organism for simple water. It is the most correct and useful source of moisture. However there are drinks which, except water, give to our organism a lot more useful substances.

Green tea

Advantage: reduces risk of developing of osteoporosis, cancer, it is warm - vascular diseases. Green tea contains many flavonoids, polyphenols and antioxidants which protect cages from harmful effects and free radicals neutralize. Tea also contains fluorine which strengthens bones and well influences teeth. Calories: 0.

Mint tea

Advantage: helps to cope with diarrhea, facilitates gripes, promotes digestion, helping food to move through zheludochno - an intestinal path. Mint possesses antispasmodic action, kills muscle pains and muscular tension. Calories: 0.

Milk with the 1% content of fat

Advantage: milk contains complex carbohydrates, proteins and it is a little fat therefore this product is acquired slowly, and you feel satiety during certain time. Thanks to complex carbohydrates sugar level in blood remains stable. Calcium contains in milk together with vitamin D therefore it is well acquired. Moreover, calcium helps cages to burn fats, therefore, milk promotes normal weight reduction. Calories: In a glass of milk (250 gr.) 120 calories contain.

Soy milk

Advantage: reduces risk of emergence warmly - vascular diseases. The food fibers and proteins which are contained in soy milk reduce the " level; bad cholesterol and triglycerides. However, if you want to replace completely to a cow milk on soy, you will lack calcium and vitamins A and D. In that case it is possible to buy the soy milk enriched with these minerals. Soy contains phytoestrogen which is probably connected with risk of developing of breast cancer. If in a family were available for you a case of this disease, then it is better to discuss expediency of the use of soy milk with the doctor. Calories: 81 kcal in 250 gr. product.

Hot chocolate or cocoa

Advantage: improves mood and protects from emergence warmly - vascular diseases. What provide to this product its useful properties? Cocoa contains a set of polyphenols which protect cages from action of free radicals. The use of hot chocolate increases production of hormone of serotonin which low level negatively affects on mood. Calories: about 195 kcal for 250 g of a ready-made product and 115 kcal in powder mix.

Tomato juice without salt

Advantage: protects from many forms of cancer. It is known that products of processing of fresh tomatoes contain lycopene in bigger concentration, than fruits. Likopen is associated with decrease in risk of developing of cancer of the following bodies: mouth, lungs, stomach, liver, mammary glands, neck of a uterus, stomach, obodochny and rectum. Besides, lycopene protects heart from influence of free radicals, thereby, reducing probability of emergence warmly - vascular diseases. Calories: 43 kcal in 250 g of a product.

Cranberry juice

Advantage: prevents a disease of gums, helps to cope with infections of urinary tract. However juice most often contains sugar therefore or choose 100% juice without sugar, or use no more than one glass a day. Calories: 140 kcal in 250 g of a product.

Orange juice

Advantage: the vitamin C which is contained in juice increases immunity, protects from many diseases among which there is a cataract, cancer. Orange juice - an excellent source of the folic acid necessary for prevention of defects of development of a fruit. Calories: 115 kcal in 250 g of a product.