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To be stylish. And how to understand a variety of styles?

For certain each of us want to be stylish, but not everyone usually understands that all - is meant this word. The few know that, in fact, stylishness - it ability is not simple to put on beautifully, but also also to do it in a certain style. How to put on - it, certainly, put everyone. However in case you want to be stylish, then you surely should follow some rules which the Internet - clothing store of the " company; Sela will describe in this article.

Of course, styles in clothes there is a huge set. Only one dry transfer deserves detailed consideration in several volumes of one work. The matter is that from the key, marked-out with experts styles, there are so-called substyles or microstyles.

For example, folklore style is a uniform big direction. However not a secret that the folklore happens Russian, American, Argentina, African For this reason this style is rather difficult. In case you suddenly make the decision to put on boots in the spirit of the gaucho together with a sweater with the Scandinavian ornament, then stylish you will already hardly be called.

Today style of a military acts as one of popular styles . Most often so call rather rough clothes of protective, khaki, brown or gray color. At the same time styles most often go in step with a cut of a usual military uniform: a coat in the form of an overcoat, blouses from dense fabric, massive heavy footwear, rather long boots in the spirit of kersey. From details patchpockets, suede, and also leather kneecaps and patches are widely applied.

Sports style is the most widespread after classical, daily and business. But, dear ladies, it is not necessary to think that usual sports suit and to you there will be enough sneaker as in that case the women`s clothing has to be bright, dynamic and with the minimum quantity of finishings. Cotton or woolen socks of desirable white color, a sneaker or other sports shoes surely have to supplement a suit.

Classical style is the most popular direction in fashion. It is safely possible to carry various trouser and yubochny suits in an optimum combination to blouses and vests which in huge assortment are presented to your attention by the Internet - clothing store of the " company to it; Sela . More womanly option within this style is the strict closed dress on a figure and is a little lower than a knee which at will can be added with a jacket. It is necessary to tell that classical style does not allow any deep decolletes and cuts. The suit can dilute so strict dress, for example, by means of a scarf or a kerchief in a breast pocket in tone.

The official style gradually developed from classics. In it first of all relaxedness of movements and functionality is appreciated. The clothes of this style are used for work at office and therefore surely have to be convenient. Silhouettes - free, volume and flared. At the same time it is optional to office clothes to be too elegant: she, first of all, has to emphasize the status, solidity, and, of course, to cause trust. The footwear to a business suit has to be extremely practical - on a low heel or absolutely without it.

Today even more often it is possible to hear a mention of such style as kezhuat . Gradually brought this unique manner to put on into fashion advanced youth of big megalopolises. This style does not recognize any rules and bans. For example, within casual it is possible to put on to ripped jeans a blouse with strict ruches. Casual encourages unusual combinations of flowers and a heap enough bright accessories. It is fashion absolutely without rules which first of all has to emphasize independence and identity. However, lovely ladies, pay attention that reckless following to the principle who that wants can quite backfire: once having been fond of the above-stated style, it is difficult not to lose concept about taste and sense of proportion.

And one more rather interesting moment: women can quite wear men`s wear, and there is no man female -. Therefore, great ladies, it can use successfully too, but the most important - do not turn into the man.